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Hillary Clinton’s Temperament Disqualifies Her For The Presidency

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Hillary Clinton wants to make history as the first female president. She says a woman should be treated the same as a man—equality for all! But does she really mean it? If she does, she certainly has some explaining to do regarding allegations by an ex-Secret Service officer who has written a tell-all book where he describes Hillary physically attacking Bill.

“What I saw in the 1990s sickened me,” Gary Byrne writes in “Crisis of Character: A White House Secret Service Officer Discloses his Firsthand Experience with Hillary, Bill, and How They Operate.”

Byrne, who was posted outside the Oval Office when Bill was president, claims Hillary had a habit of screaming obscenities at her husband, Secret Service personnel, and White House staffers. The Secret Service even had discussions about the possibility that they would have to protect the president from his wife’s physical attacks, Byrne writes.

He describes a scene in 1995 when, after a loud fight between the Clintons, they found a blue vase smashed to bits and Bill sporting a “real, live, put-a-steak-on-it black eye.”

“Hillary Clinton is now poised to become the Democratic nominee for president of the United States, but she simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office,” Byrne writes. “From the bottom of my soul I know this to be true. And with Hillary’s latest rise, I realize that her own leadership style — volcanic, impulsive, enabled by sycophants, and disdainful of the rules set for everyone else — hasn’t changed a bit.”

Domestic Violence Isn’t Limited to Men

Now, as Hillary has reminded us time and again, women are equal to men and should be treated the same. She’s right, which is why she should be called out for allegedly abusing her husband. If Johnny Depp can be held to account for throwing a cell phone at Amber Heard’s face and bruising her below her eye, then shouldn’t the same media exam be given to Hillary, who is running for president?

Just think if these same accusations were brought against Donald Trump. What if his security detail said Melania was bruised after a fight with Donald in which a blue vase went flying? We would never hear the end of it. A never-ending string of domestic violence victims would be paraded before the cameras tearfully telling us how Trump could never be president because he abuses his wife. And they’d be right.

But when it comes to a woman doing the dirty deed, we’re not so passionate about justice. Some in the media, such as Leslie Marshall on Sean Hannity’s radio program, give Hillary a pass for her temper and possible violence against her husband, calling it just “being human.”

“If I were married to a man who cheated on me,” Marshall said, “I might throw something at my husband as well, and it wouldn’t mean that I wasn’t fit to hold office.”

I’m sympathetic to this argument, and even made it myself when Ultimate Fighting Championship fighter Ronda Rousey admitted to beating up her boyfriend. He took nude photos of her, and she was so angry, she attacked him. Perfectly understandable, right?

No, not really. Despite my sympathy for Rousey, I was wrong. And Marshall is wrong about Hillary. Having a raging temper matters, especially if you’re running for the office of president. Domestic violence cannot be tolerated, no matter who commits it or for what reason. Whether it’s a man who beats up a woman or vice versa, violence is unacceptable—and illegal.

The Media Should Treat Hillary Like They Treat Depp

Yet Hillary is getting a pass for allegedly bruising Bill. But as Hannity pointed out to Marshall, Depp didn’t get a pass. He denies he attacked his wife, and his exes have come to his defense, saying he was never violent. We even have reports that Heard was arrested in 2009 for domestic violence when she attacked her girlfriend. Still, you can’t pick up a magazine or click on a news site without seeing stories that cast Depp in a shady light.

Marshall countered, saying the accused, like Depp and Hillary, are innocent until proven guilty. She’s right, but Marshall misses that the story of Heard’s alleged abuse is still blanketing the media, and Depp’s reputation has taken a massive hit. We don’t hear much more than a peep about Hillary. I’m not saying we should assume her guilt, but the issue is important enough to expose and investigate. We certainly would do it if this were Trump.

This situation exposes a nasty reality in our society. We do have gender inequality, and it’s men who are getting the raw deal. In domestic violence, they’re often guilty until proven innocent. If a woman attacks a man, we make excuses for her to justify her illegal behavior. Where’s the equality in that?

With the publication of Byrne’s book, will the media force Clinton to address this claim of domestic violence? Will every rock be overturned, every scrap of evidence examined, every witness interviewed for all the world to see until we find out whether she truly abused her husband? Will the media hold her to account for her explosive temper and possible violent behavior just as they would a man?

They should, and the fact that she’s a woman (and a Democrat) should not excuse her. The law does not discriminate, and neither should we. If Hillary is a perpetrator of domestic violence, then this is just more evidence that she is unqualified to be president.