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Collegiate Athletes, Sexual Assault, And Tying Clinton Corruption to Boko Haram

J.C. Derrick from World Magazine reports the ties he finds between Clinton Foundation donors and policy decisions made under Secretary Clinton


Today on Federalist Radio, J.C. Derrick, reporter at World Magazine, discussed how Renee Ellmers lost re-election, the ‘FTO’ controversies under Hillary Clinton’s State Department, and recent news surrounding collegiate student athlete sexual assault cases.

There is a back story to how Ellmers’ defeat has much to do with betraying pro-lifers. “There’s been a great deal of frustration express by pro-life groups in recent years with the existing structure of leadership in Washington,” Domenech said.

Derrick explained his findings in reporting on the Clinton Foundation, the State Department, and donors possible efforts in thwarting combat against Boko Haram. “We discovered these ties between the Clinton family and very wealthy, corrupt Nigerian businessmen and politicans,” he said. “Much has been written about the Clinton and these oddities… but most of these stories have not tied these donations from suspicious people and government entities to any specific policy.”

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