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Why Politicians Hate The Sharing Economy And Why Millennials Love It

Why do Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and the city of Austin hate Uber?


Jared Meyer, fellow at the Manhattan Institute and author of “Uber-Positive: Why Americans Love the Sharing Economy” joined Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour. Meyer explained why local governments like to regulate Uber and other sharing economy businesses out of business, despite the market demand for them, and how Washington elites are betraying millennials.

Washington Democrats, including both Bernie and Hillary, are lining up against the sharing economy, citing that these businesses exploit workers and decrease public safety. “They’re making all these arguments that people who actually everyday engage in the sharing economy completely reject,” Meyer said. “So you’re seeing a big disconnect between progressive voters and progressive politicians.”

Many entrepreneurs have tried to export the connivence and success of ride-sharing companies to other types of services and products. “Of course Uber gets the most attention, but confining your view of the sharing economy to just the popular ones, which is what a lot of politicians are doing, is ignoring the reality that a lot of people would love to be there own boss,” Meyer said. “Two-thirds of millennials want to work for themselves.”

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