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Breaking News Alert America's Banana Republic Era Is Here: Manhattan Grand Jury Votes To Indict Trump

Radio on Hillary, Zuckerberg, and the Not-So-Offensive Redskins

A Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton general election would be a tight race, says Josh Kraushaar on Federalist Radio.


Josh Kraushaar, Politics Editor at National Journal, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to give his take on the shaping up of the general election and the Trump and Clinton campaigns. Kraushaar explained some the latest polls, surprising endorsements, and the speculations around Hillary Clinton’s potential VP pick.

“It’s going to be a competitive race, and I think the polls suggest that Donald Trump has a floor,” Kraushaar said. “The battleground state map is probably going to be similar to what we saw in 2012, but the worry for Donald Trump is that he has a ceiling with some demographic groups.”

Robert Bluey, Editor in Chief of the Daily Signal, attended the meeting Mark Zuckerberg hosted at Facebook this week for conservative leaders in the media. Bluey shared some of the things they were told at the meeting and what changes we could see being made at Facebook in the future.

“One of the things I’m more hopeful about is maybe this leads to some more conversations with Facebook about how the Daily Signal, or the Federalist, or any other conservative news organization can better leverage Facebook to distribute our content,” he said.

Later in the hour, Ben Domenech explained what it means for the future of sports, politics, and culture that most Native Americans aren’t offended by the Washington Redskins’ mascot.

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