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Beyonce’s Politics, Jennifer Aniston’s Sex Appeal, and Melissa Click’s Racism

Today on Federalist Radio, Bre Payton explains the differences between how men and women define beauty.


Bre Payton, staff writer at The Federalist, joined Ben Domenech in studio today to debate about whether Beyonce’s new album is a marketing ploy, the differing definitions of beauty according men and women, and the why Mizzou professor Melissa Click thinks she was really fired. 

Many have asked about the racial and political undertones in “Lemonade” and the mantle Beyonce has taken up for the Black Lives Matter movement. “I’m almost wondering if there is pressure within the music industry to comply with the Black Lives Matter movement,” Payton said.

In other celebrity news, People Magazine recently declared actress Jennifer Aniston the most beautiful woman in the world, and many men are surprised. “I’ve been saying for years that there is a huge difference between what men think is pretty and what women think is pretty,” Payton said.

Domenech argued that there is a middle ground, as in a type of appearance that both men and women find attractive. “I would argue that’s what you see 90 percent of the time on TV… It’s trying to be what both men and women will find attractive without being over the top in sex appeal,” he said.

Listen now: