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Congressman Dave Brat On Why Theologians Should Understand Free Markets

Rep. Dave Brat of Virginia talks about the national debt, the non-existent war between the right and the left, and the decline of religion on Federalist Radio.


Representative Dave Brat joined the Federalist Radio Hour with Ben Domenech to discuss the national debt, education, the myths the media projects onto Congress, and how the decline of religion has led to despair in so many other areas of American culture.

As a professor of freshmen college students, Brat said the government is not able to fill in the role that religion use to play in creating healthy communities and instilling values in children. “It’s a shift in theology, it’s got very little to do with public policy,” he said. “It’s got to do with ethics, religion, your view of society and how you want to see society move.”

Brat explained how ethics, religion, free markets and the culture wars across our country are all intertwined. “As our times change we are going to have to have some theologians who are very intelligent about how to use free markets and not many theologians are very friendly when it comes to free markets,” he said. “We do not believe in imposing our will on others.”

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