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Hillary Clinton Lets You Choose Your Gender But Not Much Else

Hillary supporters’ gender choices are limitless. Their policy interests, apparently not so much.


Is Hillary Clinton interested in learning about the concerns of everyday Americans? In the immortal words of her husband, I suppose it depends on what the meaning of “is” is.

Take, for example, the survey you might receive upon signing up to support the Hillary Campaign:survey

At least when it comes to gender, Hillary thinks the human person, in all his/her/zie/sie/ey/ve/tey/e/ou/their diversity should be given the latitude to physically write out the gender with which he or she identifies. It is clear The Hillary 2016 campaign made a conscientious effort to ensure that its supporters are not constrained by “biological realities” or “reasonable cultural norms.” Hillary supporters aren’t forced into choosing between boring ol’ dichotomous “male” and “female” gender identities.

Rather, they are granted broad latitude to identify with a gender (or not) as they choose. They may write in whatever “gender” seems most appropriate for them—anything could be put in the text block, from “gender nonconforming” to “gender fluid” to “third gender.” No dropdown menu for the gender question—just a text box in which the respondents can answer with infinite breadth. In fact, with regard to gender the Hillary campaign gives more liberty to its subscribers than Facebook does—as Facebookers are limited to “only” 58 possible gender descriptors.

On the other hand, the possible answers to the policy questions on the Team Hillary Support Survey are not so broad.

For the question of “Which issue is most important to you,” Hillary supporters are constrained by a dropdown menu that requires the choice one of 13 different issues. One may choose from issues including “Raising incomes” and “LGBT rights” and “Reproductive rights.” If a person’s favorite issue isn’t included on the list, one may choose “other,” but the Hillary campaign is apparently uninterested in collecting information on what that “other” issue might be, as there is no place to write it out.

Perhaps this is a reflection of Hillary’s political authoritarianism. After all, she doesn’t support allowing people to choose how they will exercise their free speech rights in campaign donations. She doesn’t support allowing people to choose their energy sources. She doesn’t support allowing people to choose their doctors and health-care costs.

Is one to infer that Hillary is more interested in the gender identity of her voters than their actual economic choices or public policy concerns? Surely that’s not true. After all, she is known for launching her political campaigns with “listening tours.” I guess as long as her supporters are concerned about one of 13 different specific policy issues, she is all ears.