Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson
Peter Johnson

Peter Johnson is an external relations officer for the Acton Institute. After graduating from New York University, he lived and worked in Africa and in South America, where he taught beekeeping to rural subsistence farmers. He previously held various positions with the National Capital Area Council and Boy Scouts of America. Peter is married to Ashley, a teacher, and has three children.

What’s Wrong With The Boy Scouts Goes Deeper Than Social Issues Into Cowardice

A program that once embraced difficulty—even danger—has traded its soul for happy helicopter parents and freedom from liability.

Episcopalian, Jewish Senators Establish New ‘No Christians In Politics’ Theological Litmus Test

Thankfully, we have a bastion of religious orthodoxy to make sure that President Trump’s appointees walk the straight and narrow.

Norway Is Only The World’s Happiest Country If You Think Money Buys Happiness

In only a way that government bureaucracies seem able to do, instead of aligning their work with actual happiness data, they redefined happiness to justify the work they’re already doing.

10 Things Conservatives Love That Will Protect Liberals From Their Worst Trump Fears

Here’s how a well-meaning constitutional conservative can empathize with panicking leftist friends without encouraging the doomsday scenarios they seem so keen on promoting.

Black Lives Matter Leader: ‘Defund Police’

Black Lives Matter is explicitly anti-cop and, if you think anything else, you’re just not listening to them.

Donald Trump Was Right About Trans Bathrooms, But I Was Wrong

North Carolina’s law does not ban people from using bathrooms that do not match their birth sex. It does so only for public facilities, leaving businesses free to choose.

Trump Is Right About NC’s Trans Bathroom Law

North Carolina’s new bathroom law will force transgender women who look like men into women’s restrooms. Really, this should be each business owner’s decision.

Merle Haggard Showed Us What Freedom Means

Merle Haggard’s verses are filled with the sort of wisdom that only comes from living hard in a free country where he was able to make lots of choices—some good and some very bad.

Hillary Clinton Lets You Choose Your Gender But Not Much Else

Hillary supporters’ gender choices are limitless. Their policy interests, apparently not so much.

Follow The NFL Model For Solving Flint’s Water Crisis

No matter what you think about the relative importance of football and water, the important things in life are best delivered through a robust, competitive private sector.

10 Stories The Media Won’t Tell You About The Pope’s USA Visit

It’s fashionable to emphasize Pope Francis’s leftist-sounding statements. But that’s not all he says.

Why We Need Pope Francis’s USA Visit

Pope Francis cares about both material and spiritual poverty. Many Americans, like me, are financially comfortable but spiritually destitute.

Is It Racism To Say ‘All Lives Matter’?

Racism in America is much more complicated than the namby-pamby version I learned in my civics classes, and than race narratives from Left or Right.

Pope Francis’s Incoherent Economics

In his new encyclical, Pope Francis praises business but criticizes economies of scale. That doesn’t make any sense.

Postmodern Privilege: Unpacking The Invisible Knapsack

Behold the unconscious privilege we postmoderns enjoy.

How To Arrest The Blame Game That Follows Cop Shootings

We can’t fix evil like cop shootings by trying to pin it on each other. Instead, we all need to do the hard work of reconciliation.