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Stop Whining About Islamophobia And Start Focusing On Islamic Jihadis

Stop apologizing to Muslims and start telling them to deal with the fact that millions of Muslims across the world support Islamist terrorism.


Even before ISIS claimed responsibility for the terrorist attack in Brussels that broke early Tuesday morning, folks on Twitter, including members of the leftist media, immediately began offering condolences to Muslims, blaming bigotry, and making other ridiculous apologies.

After San Bernardino, Paris, and now Brussels, to name just a few recent cities attacked by the same global terrorist network that shares one religious identity, it’s intellectually dishonest at best and evil-enabling at worst to focus on Islamophobia rather than examine Islamic jihadism for what it is. By Islamophobia, of course, I mean what the Left means when it essentially accuses people of bigotry for expressing valid concerns about radical Islam.

Concern for perpetrators over victims is a hallmark sign of political correctness gone awry. Nothing demonstrates a person’s allegiances better than seeing for whom they offer condolences in the wake of tragedy. In this case, members of the media and Muslims seem to be more worried people will be afraid of them or mock their belief system than interested in dissecting why and how those who embrace said beliefs continue to terrorize parts of the world (it’s not too difficult a question to answer) and, as importantly, how they can be stopped.

This youth organization asks what it supposes to be the obvious question that everyone concerned for his safety and the safety of loved ones must be asking:

This Huffington Post author chose the morning following the attacks to tweet a piece on Islamaphobia.


There is only one global religion right now that has major sects teaching that eternal bliss will come to those who carry out acts of terrorism. That’s Islam. This doesn’t mean every Muslim is a violent person or is actively planning to commit acts of terrorism, and no one is accusing all Muslims of this. However, when’s the last time an ISIS member was not a self-described Muslim? Indeed, “ISIS supporters cheered the attacks as stalwart expressions of the noble teachings of Islam.”

Ben Shapiro’s classic video neatly explains why radicalism is not a tiny minority of Islam. These poll findings persist, and are a serious, credible reason it is fair to ask the Muslim community to deal with its obvious internal problems that consistently lead to the reprehensible mass murder of innocent people.

This is a matter of emphasis. The message the Muslim world does not need to hear right now is “Please forgive us because our existence makes your religious brothers and sisters so angry that they keep mass murdering us,” but “Deal with your violence problem or we’ll do it for you.”

As Don Hodges said in The Telegraph following the Paris attacks: “There is a link between Islam and terror. That is an indisputable fact. Those carrying out the Paris attacks claimed to be doing so in the name of the Islamic faith. All the attackers self-identified as Muslims. Their statements made clear that – perverse though their interpretation of it may be – Islam was their ideological inspiration.”

An ISIS supporter posted on Twitter: “With the permission of God, the lions came to take revenge for the killing of Muslims in Syria and Iraq.” Another declared: “#Brussels, if you continue your war against the religion of Allah then this is our response.” Another shared a graphic image that allegedly showed a man who was wounded, and declared: “Allahu Akbar, #Belgium_is_on_fire_from_explosives.” (These accounts have since been suspended.)

How many more innocent people must die around the world before we care more about security than political correctness? How much more must we eagerly placate overblown concerns of Islamophobia before we address the clear and present danger of Islamic jihadists? You know what will really reduce Islamophobia? Stopping Islamic terrorism. People react strongly against Muslims in the wake of terror like this because Muslims are the ones committing global terrorist attacks. If more Muslims publicly denounced terrorism and demanded increased cooperation with law enforcement within their communities like Christians and pro-lifers do in analogous circumstances, people would treat Muslims more like they do Christians and pro-lifers — which is to say, not with generalized suspicion and fear.

It’s time we stopped worrying after every terrorist attack if Muslims will get their feelings hurt, and started discussing the radical jihadists systematically attempting to destroy the way we live and murdering people we love—and the means by which we will protect ourselves from this dangerous doctrine.