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Radio: Defining Evangelicals and Dissecting the Decline of Elites


Yahoo political reporter, Jon Ward, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to recap last night’s primary races.


Jon Ward, political reporter at Yahoo News, joined the Federalist Radio Hour today to recap last night’s primaries and Bernie Sanders’ upset in Michigan.

Ward also talked about how evangelicals are describing themselves and which evangelicals are voting for Trump. Additionally, he gave his take on the media’s contribution to the rise of Trump and other assumptions that elites have been making for months.

There is a significant line between people who serious process and digest their faith and people who check the box evangelical on an exit poll. Ward said there is even a debate among evangelicals over how many of them there are in America. “They’ve spent most of their life grappling with what it means to be a Christian in a post-Christian nation,” he said.

People no longer trust institutions or experts to have their best interests in mind, and this is a thread that has been running for decades, and is also another reason for the rise of Trump and Sanders. “People are turning on the elites and asking for an accounting,” Ward said.

Listen below: