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Trump’s Impact on the Media Landscape with T. Becket Adams

Chris Christie the Fan Boy, Fox News’ pro-Trump antics, and more on Federalist Radio.


T. Becket Adams is a media reporter at the Washington Examiner and he joined The Federalist Radio Hour to talk about the latest in press coverage of the candidates, Chris Christie’s life as a fan boy, and why conservatives don’t actually want a true conservative in the White House.

The personality of Donald Trump is one case for why he’s winning, and his platform is much more moderate than it is conservative. Adams said it’s pretty incredible to have the New York Times and conservative writers like Jonah Goldberg banding together to criticize the same person. “Trump has brought together this faction that we didn’t see in 2012 or 2008,” he said.

Domenech and Adams discuss the future of Fox News with their pro-Trump voices and how their coverage of Trump has influenced everyone’s campaigns. “At Fox News, more than any other cable network, it about eyeballs and money,” Adams said. “They have never been holden to ideology and they would flip to progressive overnight if there was more money in it.”

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