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South Dakota’s Governor Tucks Tail And Runs From LGBT Mafia

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South Dakota’s Dennis Daugaard is the latest in a string of craven Republican governors to bow down to the gay mafia and the corporate cronies it controls. The other day Daugaard vetoed legislation that would have allowed the state’s public schools to continue the standard practice of separate bathroom and locker room facilities for males and females.

Next on the hit list is Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal, who is having the language changed in legislation meant to protect freedom of conscience for citizens whose beliefs about marriage or sex don’t align with the beliefs assigned by the gay mafia.

This domino effect began in 2014, when Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer vetoed the Religious Freedom Restoration Act her legislature passed. Later, Gov. Mike Pence got a serious case of the wobblies after signing a RFRA into law in Indiana. He was stunned to see mobilized masses converged on the statehouse screaming bloody murder at the thought that people would be permitted not to violate their consciences about marriage or sex while trying to make a living in the United States of America.

LGBT-infused corporate cronyism no doubt played an even bigger role behind the scenes. Threats of boycotts and tanking the state’s economy took their toll very quickly and Pence folded like a lousy poker hand. Within days, he scrapped that bill, then had the language neutered so it would read instead like one of those aggressive censorship laws that go under the guise of “sexual orientation and gender identity anti-discrimination” (SOGI) laws.

In South Dakota, LGBT lobbyists not only used corporate pressure, but also stoked resentments and high emotions throughout the media, calling the bill a “vile” attack on transgender students. At the same time, transgender activists made a point of setting up a passive-aggressive schmooze session with Daugaard, after which he signaled his intent to veto the bill by saying he “saw things through their eyes.” Of course, transgender celebrities Caitlyn Jenner and Laverne Fox pitched in to the chorus.

Daugaard Promises Local Control, Delivers Opposite

Daugaard’s veto against maintaining common-sense accommodations for student privacy contains some pretty distorted reasoning. He claimed to be protecting local control of school districts at a time when federal meddling into local control is at its peak, particularly concerning all things LGBT. His veto message reads in part:

House Bill 1008 does not address any pressing issue concerning the school districts of South Dakota. As policymakers in South Dakota, we often recite that the best government is the government closest to the people. Local school districts can, and have, made necessary restroom and locker room accommodations that serve the best interests of all students, regardless of biological sex or gender identity.

This bill seeks to impose statewide standards on ‘every restroom, locker room, and shower room located in a public elementary or secondary school.’ It removes the ability of local school districts to determine the most appropriate accommodations for their individual students and replaces that flexibility with a state mandate.

This is nonsense, of course. The entire point of the legislation was to anticipate and pre-empt the federal mandate that is clearly coming down the pike to force every single local school district in every single state to destroy accommodations that maintain the privacy of all biological female and all biological male school children.

So, under the disingenuous claim of preserving local government, Daugaard’s veto actually ensures that federal law will trump local self-determination. The Justice Department has already declared that the term “sex” in Title VII of the 1964 civil rights law will henceforth be interpreted to include gender identity.

There is also the threat of losing federal funding that looms for any local district that doesn’t comply. The Fairfax County School Board in Virginia passed its gender identity policy last year by a vote of 10-1, in total contempt of the strenuous objections of parents, and under heavy federal pressure. The feds have also moved in on other local school districts on this issue, such as a high-profile case outside Chicago.

3 Things about Transgender Law Politicians Don’t Get

Here are three other main features of transgender law that politicians just don’t get.

The ultimate goal of transgender law is not to protect transgender individuals, but to legally define human beings as sexless. The dead giveaway here is the transgender movement’s constant use of the phrase “gender assigned at birth.” It defines gender identity basically as a person’s self-perception of his or her “gender,” whether or not it aligns with his or her “sex assigned at birth.”

‘Gender identity’ exists only in one’s mind, not in physical reality.

This is a non-negotiable premise written into all policies and laws the transgender lobby push. It applies universally, and legally replaces everybody’s sex with the ambiguous term “gender identity.” And “gender identity” exists only in one’s mind, not in physical reality. This means, for example, that Daugaard identifies as male only because in his mind he thinks he’s male. Since the gender identity scheme will ultimately abolish all biological sex distinctions in law, it has implications for family autonomy that are vast and grim.

Transgenderism is ultimately about central planning and centralized government, not about protecting the transgender individuals it is currently exploiting for that purpose. Transgenderism is the perfect vehicle to enhance and grow the power of the state. As we cede our right to identify as biologically male or female—and this concession is an inherent, though stealth, demand of transgender laws and all SOGI laws—government will gain more raw power to regulate family relationships because it now claims the power to decide what we are and are not.

Censorship always comes with the transgender territory. Always. Sustaining the illusions of the transgender project is a full-time job. This is why aggressive censorship and propaganda are such an inherent part of the transgender movement. It’s a war on privacy, on personal identity, on language, on personal relationships, and on reality itself. So it cannot abide even a whisper of dissent. This is why freedom of conscience is so often a target, under the guise of anti-discrimination.

LGBT Tactics Look a Lot Like Mafia Tactics

The LGBT alignment with government-induced corporate cronyism illustrates that we live in an era of mafia government. If you see this happening, you’re probably not surprised to see GOP governors cave to opponents of religious freedom bills or common-sense legislation to protect personal privacy, particularly that of young girls.

It now has a massive list of corporations that have agreed to comply after facing threats to their ability to do business.

Joy Pullmann wrote a fascinating 2014 essay for The Federalist entitled “The Age of Mafia Government.” It illustrates how the White House has been using federal agencies and corporations to intimidate and destroy potential opponents of its pet agendas, all of which involve centralizing state power. President Obama has given the LGBT agenda a pre-eminent place, even including it in the National Security Strategy last year. So it stands to reason that the feds would play a huge role, at least behind the scenes, in knocking down any legislation that could get in the way.

Of course the LGBT lobby has been aggressively infusing its agenda into the policies of human resources departments of major corporations for several decades. It now has a massive list of corporations that have agreed to comply after facing threats to their ability to do business. Sounds more than a tad like extortion, no?

In Georgia alone, where the legislature is considering a religious freedom bill, you can check this list of over 400 corporations that have essentially pledged to reject any legislation deemed unacceptable to the gay mafia, meaning any that allows for freedom of conscience on issues of marriage, sex, and gender identity.

Government Co-opts Business Co-opts Government

Corporate cronyism like this has bloated to such a degree that it’s fair to ask further: who knows how much public money has been funneled into activist causes like this? We can only wonder after looking at Washington Examiner’s recently published cover story, “Obama’s Slush Fund.”  In it you can read how Bank of America and Citigroup made a deal with the Justice Department to reduce their penalties in financial fraud cases.

The banks can reduce their penalties by hundreds of millions while donating same to leftist causes. It all sounds a tad like racketeering, no?

How? They got double credit toward their penalties by donating to administration-approved nonprofit organizations. The banks donate directly, of course, because it’s not legal for the government to do so. In the end, the banks can reduce their penalties by hundreds of millions while donating same to leftist causes. It all sounds a tad like racketeering, no?

The bottom line is that it will take real courage to stop the machine of government abuse of power, a machine the gay mafia has such a hand in promoting. GOP governors who refuse to respect the will of the majority of the people of their states by caving to LGBT tactics of extortion may think they are protecting their state’s economy and reputation. They may even feel gratification when the mafia pats them on the back for cooperating, and congratulates them for “nothing happening” to the nice state they got there.

But that will prove to be nothing but a temporary illusion for those governors and their states. And as such things always go, the children will suffer the most.