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Watch This Fox News Host Get Called Out For Defending Donald Trump

donald trump

‘You’ve been debasing yourself at the feet of his golden throne over, and over, and over again on Fox.’


Federalist publisher Ben Domenech joined Fox Business’ “Kennedy” on Monday to talk about the New Hampshire primary, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump.

When Jesse Watters, panelist and host of Fox News’ “Watters’ World,” condemned Clinton for playing the gender card throughout her campaign, Domenech criticized him for being hypocritical.

“Jesse, you have for months been singing the praises of the most identity-politics candidate for months,” Domenech said. “You’ve been debasing yourself at the feet of his golden throne over, and over, and over again on Fox.”

Several weeks ago, Watters criticized National Review for publishing a symposium of 22 essays penned by a variety of conservative leaders who took a stand against Trump.

“I don’t think principles matter if you can’t get elected and institute those principles,” Watters said several weeks ago. “I would hate to see people not soldier up and support the nominee.”

Domenech, who was one of the authors to pen a response in the “Against Trump” symposium, pushed back against Watters’ criticisms.

“You accused me of putting my principles ahead of my country just the other day on Fox News because I said that Donald Trump wasn’t a conservative,” Domenech said. “You criticized every single person participating in that National Review symposium as putting principle ahead of the country.”

“My point then was that you have a guy who is winning, and you don’t want to take him down if he’s going to be the nominee,” Watters said. “The guy is going to wrap this up. Let’s not nitpick him for small issues.”

“Today he’s in New Hampshire calling for protectionism and calling for sanctions against companies,” Domenech said of Trump’s history of shilling for some not-so-conservative ideas on the campaign trail.

The results of the New Hampshire primary will be tallied after the polls close at 7 p.m. Tuesday.