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Marco Rubio Was Asked About His Faith. His Answer Blew Everyone Away

During a campaign stop in Iowa last week, Marco Rubio was asked to describe his experience with Jesus. The room full of pastors was astonished.


During a campaign stop in Iowa last week, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) was asked to describe his experience with Jesus to a room full of pastors during a closed-door meeting.

His answer blew everyone in the room away, according to CBN News’ “The Brody File.” 

Rubio started out by explaining his spiritual upbringing. He said that his family left the Mormon faith and returned to the Catholic church at his insistence. Only after he “became infused in the written word of God” was he able to fully comprehend the faith. He then explained how he shares his relationship with Jesus Christ to non-believers.

God became a man, came down to earth and died for our sins … God was the ultimate sacrifice. It was His own son. In essence, He was willing to do what He didn’t ask Abraham to do, almost asked Abraham to do but at the last second spared Abraham that pain. God was willing to sacrifice His own son and just imagine how painful that was and He became a man and the reason that He had to become a man was not just the element of becoming a man and dying for our sins as the ultimate Pascal lamb that as a result didn’t cover our sins but completely erased them, but also because He’s a God that understands us.

Rubio said Jesus makes a personal relationship with God possible not just because of his death on the cross, but because he experienced all of the same things humans face every day.

“It’s a personal relationship with a God that knows anything we faced because He faced it more than we are able going to be able to face it,” he said. “There is no fear, no emotion, no worry, no anxiety, no obstacle, no adversity that He didn’t face before we did, and in fact, much more so.”

True peace is realizing that it doesn’t matter what’s happening in your life. Peace from faith in Christ is in knowing that God will give you what you need to get through adversity, Rubio said.

“When that peace is true in you, people want to know about you. They’re curious. ‘What is it about you?’ What does that person have? Because I want some of that.’ And that’s how you bring so many people to the faith,” he concluded. “It really is.”