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Planned Parenthood Asks: What Word Describes Us? Responses Show Widespread Disgust

As part of its PR campaign, Planned Parenthood asked Twitter followers to describe the abortion group in one word. Responses were not what they expected.


Planned Parenthood asked people on Twitter to describe the billion-dollar abortion provider in one word, and the response it got was not at all what it expected.

A few months ago, undercover journalists began exposing what Planned Parenthood later admitted — it harvests and trafficks in human organs procured from the bodies of the unborn children whose lives are ended by abortion. It’s been a bit of a public relations disaster. The group enjoys tremendous support from the media and other progressives. It is one of the most important funders of Democratic politicians, who are doing their best to help the group move on from the scandal. And the group receives $500 million in taxpayer funding each year, despite the limited array of services it provides.

But the public relations response has been serious. Working with allies in the media, Planned Parenthood is doing its level best to move past its image as a group that, well, harvests and trafficks in human organs procured from the human bodies of those whose lives they end.

Social media, however, has been quite different. While the mainstream media has refrained from reasonable coverage of the videos that expose Planned Parenthood, social media has not. Millions of Americans have learned about Planned Parenthood’s practices, its willingness to change abortion procedures to procure more organs, the callousness of those who encourage such human organ harvesting, and the steps it takes to hide its practices from the media and government overseers.

A perfect example of the disconnect happened when Planned Parenthood tweeted out a request for help in its public relations recovery campaign:

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 3.30.50 PM

It went very, very poorly. Responses rolled in, including exploitative, mendacious, corrupt, infanticide, unsanitary, barbarous. Here are a few others.

The responses keep going and going and going.