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How College Students Redefined Violence, Explained By Robby Soave

College students have redefined violence and administrators are paying for it.


Thought crimes, safe spaces and political correctness are at their apex, especially on college campuses. Our guest today is Robby Soave, a staff editor at Reason magazine and a columnist at the Daily Beast, who has been covering students’ outrage across the country. Rich Cromwell, senior contributor at The Federalist, also joined to explain why porn stars are furious with Charlie Sheen.

Soave said these offended students have a lot more power than anyone thought.

“They’ve redefined safety or danger or violence, in a way such that it’s still a threat to them. They’ve redefined it to be words are now a literal act of violence to them,” he said. “Grievances can be seen as just as justified as escaping refugees and people being gunned down on inner city streets.”

In light of the nearing one-year anniversary of Rolling Stone’s cover story about a campus rape case that proved to be false, CNN is soon to premiere the so-called documentary, The Hunting Ground.

Soave suggested the film is a work of activist propaganda. “It’s just stunning that when it comes to campus crime, it should be handled this way by administrators,” he said. “How many of these of high profile accusations have to fall apart or be far more complicated than they seemed when presented by their activist narrative?”

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