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Chris Moody Shares His Best Stories From The Campaign Trail

The CNN reporter has followed 2016 candidates, base jumpers in West Virginia and even the Pawn Stars’ political endorsements.


Chris Moody, senior reporter for CNN politics, gives the Federalist Radio Hour his insight on the 2016 race after seeing many candidates up close on the campaign trail. He also shares some of his latest not-so-political reports, called Being Moody, about the base jumping festival in West Virginia and the Pawn Star who endorses Marco Rubio.

After visiting Iowa and seeing some of the conservative voters in person, he said they have a lot of options when it comes to candidates and if they feel like they need to leave Ben Carson, Ted Cruz has been working hard in Iowa since 2012 and is standing by.

“Ben Carson has peaked now and he’s going through this whole vetting process,” he said. “Don’t discount Ted Cruz because I think he has those people’s ear.”

Pawn Stars’ star Rick Harrison received a lot of negative fan mail after announcing his endorsement for Marco Rubio. Moody said he decided to stop by and talk to Harrison about it when he was in Las Vegas for the Democratic debate.

“Anytime you see somebody in the spotlight supporting a Republican, that’s interesting because there are not many in popular culture,” he said.

Finally, Moody offers his proposal to fix the controversial debate system implemented by the RNC. He said that while debating about debates is nothing new and it’s something that has always been complained about, which is why the RNC really took the reigns this year.

“There were not supposed to be big problems in the debate process this year, but then you have 15 candidates that are running and it’s really difficult,” he said. “I think I would still stick with what we have now, but I would also love to see one-on-one debate match-ups.”

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