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FINALLY: Rachel Dolezal Just Admitted That She’s White

Rachel Dolezal, the white woman and former NAACP president who for years pretended to be black, finally admitted on TV that she is, in fact, a white person.


Rachel Dolezal, the former professor and NAACP president who pretended for years to be black, finally admitted that she is actually a white person.

During an appearance on the daytime television show The Real, Dolezal came clean and admitted what everyone else had known for months: she is a white person who was born to two other white people.

“You’re not black,” host Jeannie Mai said to Dolezal, who is white. “You weren’t born black, so when you say you are black, it makes it hard for people to understand where you’re coming from,”

“Right, and that’s why I said I acknowledge that I was biologically born white, to white parents,” Dolezal said to cheers and applause from the studio audience. “But I identify as black,” she continued.

Dolezal made headlines earlier this year when reports surfaced that she was not, in fact, black. Dolezal, who previously served as the chapter president for the Spokane NAACP, spent years pretending to be a black person. She claimed a black man as her father on social media. Dolezal also regularly wrote about her black son Iziah, who was actually her adopted brother. Dolezal, a graduate of Howard University, previously taught classes on Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University.

According to her parents, both of whom are white, Rachel Dolezal’s heritage is primarily Czech and German.