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What Fans Hope To See In ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival

gilmore girls

Earlier this week, “Gilmore Girls” fans rejoiced at the news that a revival of the show is in the works.

Netflix has reportedly ordered four, 90-minute mini-movies to bring Lorelai and Rory Gilmore back to the small screen. Though neither Warner Brothers nor Netflix have publicly confirmed the news, creator Amy Sherman-Palladino and executive producer Daniel Palladino are reportedly in the early stages of negotiating, and actors Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, and Scott Patterson are expected to join.

The show has a dedicated, cult-like following, epitomized perhaps by “Gilmore Guys,” a twice-weekly podcast dedicated to discussing and reviewing each episode of the show. Hosts Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe, alongside a rotating queue of special guests, analyze the plot and character development occurring in each episode.

They are both cautiously optimistic about the show’s potential revival. Though excited, Adejuyigbe compared the show’s return to seeing a relative again who moved away a long time ago.

“Is it worth ruining the memory of the relative you knew before?” Adejuyigbe asked. “It feels more like an opportunistic thing than a ‘we want to do it right’ thing. Part of me is wondering ‘why now?'”

“The time that “Gilmore Girls” existed in, that show can’t exist today,” he said. “They can’t make the same references, story lines, they can’t do so many episodes that rely on so little drama.”

The Show May Finally Get a Proper Ending

The show didn’t end the way the Palladinos originally envisioned. In fact, the final season had a lot of controversy surrounding it, as TV executives decided to make the final season without them after contract negotiations failed. This season is widely regarded as a sore subject among fans, who sensed a shift in the tone and style of the show.

‘Is it worth ruining the memory of the relative you knew before?’

Sherman-Palladino has since revealed that since the show’s conception, she had intended to end the show with four final words, which she has kept secret.

“There’s more of a reason for Gilmore to come back and for Amy Sherman and Daniel Palladino to kinda have the last word on what the show is and what those final four words should be,” Porter said. “It may not be perfect or exactly what we want, but whatever it is, it will be exactly what Amy Sherman-Palladino wants.”

The Gilmore’s Love Lives

Since the show concluded in 2007, presumably a lot has happened in the Gilmore’s love lives. Last year, Edward Herman (aka Richard Gilmore) died, and fans are expecting his passing to be acknowledged tactfully.

‘I’m not interested in a season where we get more of the same, I want something different.’

Herman’s title in the theme song described him as being a “special appearance” to the show instead of a star, and other characters would often cover for his absence from the screen by saying that he was away on a business trip. This departure, however, is much longer. His onscreen wife, Emily (Kelly Bishop), will presumably be widowed, and fans are already suggesting how his funeral should work into the storyline.

Consensus seems to agree that Lorelai and Luke will still be together — even Graham thinks so. The connection between the two, who would continually drift apart and came back together, propelled much of the plot behind the show. So while we may not find them in perfect, marital bliss, we can be fairly certain they will be a part of each other’s lives.

Porter and Adejuyigbe are hoping that Rory doesn’t get back together with any of her old boyfriends, though.

“I think those were the boys for the stories that they wanted to tell at those times in Rory’s life,” Porter said. “I’m not interested in a season where we get more of the same, I want something different. I want a new story to be told of where Rory is in her life now as a 31-year-old, if they made the show today.”

Yes, Rory Gilmore would be 31 years old today. Fans on the Internet have made lots of guesses into what she could be up to nowadays (a book deal, fancy job, parenting,) but one thing she certainly will be is BFF with her mom.