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The Federalist Radio Hour: ‘Chaos’ In The House And Obama The Baseball Fraud

David Harsanyi, Federalist senior editor, host the Federalist Radio Hour today. With guest Bill McMorris they talk House Republicans, movies and baseball.


David Harsanyi, senior editor at the Federalist, and Bill McMorris, reporter at the Washington Free Beacon hosted the Federalist Radio Hour today. After recent news that House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy dropped out of the race for Speaker, the media is asserting that Washington is in chaos and that the disarray of the Republican party is a bad sign.

Harsanyi and McMorris suggest that the media forgets this is how Congress is suppose to work. “The House is the most democratic institution we have, but yet when there is actual democracy going on and people aren’t lockstepping, they act as if everything is falling apart,” Harsanyi said.

The hosts also move to discussions about potential candidates for the Speaker position, as well as Ben Carson’s latest comments on gun control. Carson suggested that if the Jews in the Holocaust had been armed, then things might not have been as bad as they were.

“I think that’s a little nuts, which is how Carson usually comes across to me,” Harsanyi said.

Later in the hour, Rebecca Cusey joins to discuss the recently released movie, The Martian, as well as other upcoming films to look forward to. The hosts debate the notion of prequels and whether Star Wars movies were actually good or if we are just nostalgic about them.

Finally, writer for the Washington Free Beacon, Brent Scher joins tells us why Obama is not the sports fan he portrays himself to be.

“Obama exposed himself as a complete fraud as a White Sox fans,” Scher said. “Yesterday, they asked him who he was rooting for in the playoffs and he said he was rooting for the Cubs. I think this is the final straw that he is completely full of it on baseball.”

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