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Bristol Palin Proves The Left Wants To Control Women’s Bodies

The Left says they want to empower women and validate their choices. So why are they picking on Bristol Palin for her second pregnancy?


Sarah Palin introduced us to her family seven years ago when she burst onto the scene from governor of Alaska to running mate of Sen. John McCain in the race against Barack Obama for the presidency. She’s not the one forefront in the news right now, though—it’s her 24-year-old daughter, Bristol.

Bristol is trending on social media for something she shares with millions of women: she’s pregnant. More precisely, she’s expecting her second child, and her second child as a single mother.

For all the blather and rhetoric on the Left about empowering women and women having autonomy over their reproductive choices, the left has certainly been quick to descend on Bristol with gendered insults and some overt rage and disdain—and even a potential Internal Revenue Service investigation. The timing of this is especially poignant as we discuss the shocking videos of Planned Parenthood acting with total disregard of the sanctity of life. Everyone needs to discuss abortion and the lives of babies, both born and preborn.

How Dare You Be Happy, Bristol Palin

Enter Bristol. Her pregnancy isn’t new news. She’s about five months pregnant, and we all had sufficient time to hand wring over the state of her morals when she first announced the end of her engagement and being pregnant again. What thrust her back into the spotlight was the simple decision to take “bump pic” selfies and share them on social media—to be proud and excited about this coming baby. The horror.

I’m not sure exactly what the Left expected or wanted. Perhaps they want her to hide in shame, have an abortion, or to at least have the good grace to realize that all her prior promotion of abstinence meant she is no longer allowed to screw up. Whatever they wanted, it wasn’t her to celebrate her newest child.

Usually the charge of hating on single mothers comes from the Left against the Right, when the Left are the ones decrying Bristol. Perhaps this proves that the people really invested in telling women what they can and can’t do are progressives.

When I think of Planned Parenthood, I don’t think of single mothers keeping their babies, I think of the current media fiasco.

It shouldn’t surprise us to see crass people being crass, but it’s important to look at where this mocking is coming from.

Bristol said she doesn’t want a lecture, and honestly, this really isn’t the time for it. If I had a chance to sit down with Palin, lecturing her wouldn’t even be on my agenda. She knows that marriage in the plan for having babies. Most Christians do. But she has also confessed that children are a blessing, and this is something that in this culture of death we need to reinforce.

Children are a blessing. Let that sink in. Intelligent people can hold two thoughts in their heads at once and acknowledge that sex out of marriage is bad for us while simultaneously being happy that whatever choices led to this moment where Bristol is choosing life for her baby.

In the wake of the tragedy of the deaths of millions of tiny babies, let’s show the Left that we don’t want to control women’s bodies. They do. Choosing life is making a choice, and Bristol is making the right one.