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Hillary Clinton’s History With The Confederate Flag

No matter what Hillary Clinton says about the Confederate Flag, it will be weird, as she and her family have an interesting history with it.


In the wake of the Charleston shooting, controversy over the Confederate Flag, which is flying from South Carolina’s capitol grounds, has heated up. Presidential candidates have been peppered with questions asking if they support the removal of the Confederate Flag. Well, presidential candidates who aren’t Hillary Clinton, this is.

Many of the 2016 presidential hopefuls have weighed in the issue, some including Sen. Lindsey Graham, have defended the flag, while Jeb Bush pointed to his removal of the flag from the Florida capitol when he was governor as a sign of his disapproval of it. Other candidates, like Gov. Scott Walker and Mike Huckabee have said it is an issue to be left for the states to decide.

Nearly every 2016 contender has been asked about the flag, except for Clinton, and it doesn’t seem like anyone has really bothered to try asking her about it. Granted, the Clinton campaign has been notorious for denying the media access to her, and even denying reporters the privilege of using the restroom in the same zip code as one of her campaign events.

No matter what Clinton says about the flag, it will be weird, because she has quite an interesting history with the rebel flag.

As it turns out, her husband, former Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton, signed a law which designated a portion of the state flag to commemorate the Confederate States of America. “The blue star above the word “ARKANSAS” is to commemorate the Confederate States of America,” Clinton’s law reads.

While he was president, Bill Clinton apparently didn’t really make an issue of the Confederate Flag from the White House either, according to the Daily Caller:

When the Confederate flag issue arose in the 2000 election, Matt Drudge reported that then-President Bill Clinton’s spokesman Joe Lockhart was asked about the issue. Lockhart told reporters, “I’ve just never heard any discussion or any objections that the president has raised.”

You do you, Hillary. Keep calling for increased gun control, while staying quiet on the flag controversy, leaving the other to candidates get barraged with media questions about it. Does Hillary repudiate her husband’s reverence for the Confederate flag? Would she have signed that law? Did she approve of it at the time? If not, why didn’t she do anything to stop it? For whatever reason, no reporters covering her campaign are asking her these types of rather obvious questions.

Try, just for a moment, to imagine how the press would react if they discovered campaign paraphernalia for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan that included a rebel flag and the phrase “Dixie Loves Romney“:

Dixie Loves Clinton

Try to imagine if the press discovered Romney-Ryan campaign buttons featuring nothing but their names atop the Dixie flag.

The media would immediately demand answers. Their questions would never stop. “Are you racist? Why are you racist? What does it feel like to be racist? Is everyone in your party a racist, or just you?”

But without being forced to answer these and other basic questions that are being exclusively targeted at Republicans, there’s litle-to-no chance Hillary will ever offer an opinion on the controversy. At this point, we can expect nothing less from cloistered candidate who thinks a speech is the same thing as an interview.