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13 Foreign Policy Questions For Hillary Clinton

Former First Lady and Obama Secretary of State Hillary Clinton wants to be president. Here are 13 foreign policy questions she should have to answer first.


Even though she has not officially announced anything just yet, Hillary Clinton certainly appears to be running for president. A high-dollar super PAC run by former Clinton aides and friends is up and running. Field staff are being deployed in key states throughout the country. And top advisers peg the probability of her running at 100 percent.

Ready or not, this thing is happening. But before the coronation is complete, it would probably be helpful to know what Hillary thinks about the biggest foreign policy issues currently facing the U.S. Yes, she worked as President Barack Obama’s top diplomat and as the architect of his foreign policy for several years, but that doesn’t mean she supported every action taken by his administration. And she left the State Department before Russia invaded Ukraine, and before ISIS began burning people alive across the Middle East. Where does she stand on emerging issues like those?

In the spirit of learning what Hillary Clinton thinks about the most important foreign policy issues currently facing the U.S., here are 13 foreign policy questions Hillary should answer before she ascends to the White House.

1) The Wall Street Journal reported that your tax-exempt foundation is once again accepting contributions from foreign governments. When an Arab government like that of Saudi Arabia, Oman, or Qatar gives money to your family’s foundation, what does that government get in return? If your answer is “nothing,” then why do you think they contribute anything at all?

2) In total, how much money has your foundation accepted from foreign governments?

3) After being appointed as Secretary of State, you famously issued a “reset” button to the Russian government. How do you think the “reset” is going so far? Did you think it would include Russia unilaterally resetting its own borders?

4) Do you agree with President Obama that climate change is a greater threat than ISIS, which is currently beheading Christians, crucifying children, and burning people alive?

5) In the wake of Islamic attacks against the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo, do you believe individuals should be free to criticize other religions, or should some religious criticism be off-limits?

6) President Obama told the United Nations in 2012, just two weeks after the U.S. mission in Benghazi was attacked and the American ambassador to Libya was murdered, that “the future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.” Many Jews and Christians believe Muhammad is a false prophet. Do you agree with President Obama that the future does not belong to them?

7) Is the Middle East safer and more secure now than it was when you became Secretary of State in 2009?

8) As Secretary of State, what concrete steps did you take to help President Obama achieve his vision of a nuclear Iran?

9) Several former top advisers to President Obama’s campaign are currently trying to unseat Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Do you think this is appropriate? Would you ever dispatch your campaign staffers to meddle in foreign elections? If so, which countries or foreign leaders would you target?

10) The Nigerian group Boko Haram has murdered thousands of innocent civilians in Africa. The group has even kidnapped hundreds of young girls in order to sell them into slavery. Do you regret refusing to designate Boko Haram as a terrorist group when you were Secretary of State?

11) You supported the war in Iraq, as did Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry, and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid. Is Iraq better or worse off now as a result of your support for the Iraq War?

12) President Obama said at the National Prayer Breakfast that Christians who criticize violent Islamic jihadists should “get off their high horse” because Christians did bad things during the Crusades nearly a thousand years ago. Do you agree with him?

13) Which group do you think currently poses a greater threat to global peace and security: Christians, Jews, or Islamic terrorists?