Solange Wedding Pictures #BreakTheInternet The Right Way

Solange Wedding Pictures #BreakTheInternet The Right Way

Solange Knowles married video director Alan Gerard Ferguson on Sunday in New Orleans. The bride looked sumptuous in a stylish cream pantsuit, beautiful heels and cape. Other pictures from the wedding showed her in a dress that made her seem so feminine and powerful that it was breathtaking.

This is how to break the internet. Seriously, not a week after Kim Kardashian’s greased boo-tay was put on display in order to “break the internet,” Solange Knowles shows a better way to do it. Her wedding pictures show us a glimmer of the beauty of marriage, love, the female form and Solange’s strength, smarts, and talent that goes on for miles.

Even mama Tina was looking amazing:

The party went into the night:

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