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BREAKING: Early Exit Polls Released

Early exit polls are beginning to leak out. We’ve got the full scoop.


Just kidding. Early, leaked exit polls are garbage and should be treated as such. Consider this your warning.

Seriously, they’re terrible. Just ask President John Kerry, who was convinced for a couple of hours in 2004 that the White House would be his new home:

Sen. John Kerry looks to make a victory of the electoral college, according to all sets of exit polls conducted by a consortium of six media organizations (the National Election Pool) that RAW STORY has acquired and confirmed with myriad sources.

The first, third and final round give Kerry a wide berth in all critical swing states. The second round put Kerry ahead in Ohio and Florida, but only by a one point margin.

The latest national exit polls puts Kerry up 51-48 percent nationally.

Don’t be John Kerry. Stay calm and wait until the real votes are counted. Actual returns will begin to be released in just a few hours.