Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham
Mary Katharine Ham is a senior writer at The Federalist. She is a CNN Contributor and recently co-moderated a GOP primary debate on ABC. She is an editor at BRIGHT. She's the co-author of "End of Discussion: How the Left's Outrage Industry Shuts Down Debate, Manipulates Voters, and Makes America Less Free (and Fun)" and has written for HotAir, The Weekly Standard, and The Daily Caller. A fourth-generation journalist, she did a stint covering NASCAR, high school football, and the county's largest legumes before embracing New Media and heading to Washington DC, where her career goal has been to discover the formula for talking about politics without being a blowhard. She's a mom of two and a Twitter enthusiast who hiked Kilimanjaro on her honeymoon.
One Question In A Poll Of College Students Crystallizes The Debate Over Free Speech

Students were asked to choose between the value of free speech and the value of diversity and inclusion.

Sam Nunberg And ‘The Bachelor’ Entertained All Of Us This Week, But At What Cost?

Like cannonballs in the cultural pool, they left us to reckon with our society’s ‘Gladiator’-like addiction to these emotionally exploitative displays.

Storm Names Like ‘Sting Jet’ And ‘Bomb Cyclone’ Are Actually Meteorological Terms

And they’re not even new! Turns out meteorologists have been coming up with rad names for storms since the 1800s.

If Your Ex Only Comes Back For You When You’re a Finalist on ‘The Bachelor,’ He’s Not That Into You

Becca’s ex Ross shows up to crash the Peruvian party, heighten the drama, get dumped, and make America fall in love with him.

Jennifer Lawrence’s Response To Dumb Dress Outrage Might Actually Fix Democracy

Feminists don’t think grown woman can decide when to wear a coat. Grown woman disagrees.

Celebrate What Matters Most With These Zombie Apocalypse Valentines

Herewith, the gift of perspective on this angsty day.

Victory Over PC Art Censorship In England Proves We Can Have Nice Things If We Try

It wasn’t puritanical conservative activists who wanted the painting removed. It was the new puritan — the woke activist.

There’s An Obvious Parallel Between The Nunes Memo And Reporting On The Russia Investigation

Almost every single news story on secret government investigations and machinations is based on a selectively leaked bit of information. That doesn’t mean we disregard every one of those reports.

Football 101: The ‘Downton Abbey’ Guide To The Super Bowl

If you’re not into football, chances are good you are into ‘Downton Abbey.’ Let the Crawley drama be your guide to America’s biggest game day!

Joe Kennedy’s SOTU Response Was A Nixon Debate Moment

On the radio, it was good. I expected to open Twitter to rave reviews of the third coming of Camelot, here to save us from Trump. But nope.

James Comey Starts His Interview With Special Counsel Robert Mueller: A Transcript

‘Robert. It is my privilege and my sacred duty to meet you in this space …’

Ansari Isn’t The First Victim Of #MeToo Revenge Porn, But He Should Be The Last

Is it just bad when men do it? Or is it just bad when women do it to men who aren’t elected Republicans?

It’s Not Mark Wahlberg’s Fault Michelle Williams Didn’t Make Sure She Got Paid

People will take every opportunity to pay you nothing if you’re willing to do your work for free, be you man or woman.

A Humbled Hollywood Delivers Surprisingly Restrained Golden Globes

My bar is exceedingly low for this group, but Hollywood actually succeeded in focusing on its own issues, not face-melting anti-Trumpism.

Don’t Choose Between ‘Dunkirk’ And ‘The Darkest Hour.’ They’re Beautifully Complementary

One tells the story of the near destruction of Western Civilization. The other allows you to feel it in all its uncomfortable, confusing horror.

All Of Melania Trump’s 2017 Coats, Ranked

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about First Lady Melania Trump since her husband was elected president, it’s that she can wear the hell out of Read Full Article >

No, Misanthropes, It Wasn’t Okay For The Grinch To Hate The Whos

It’s tempting to rewrite the Grinch into a misunderstood introvert who just didn’t want to hang out with the joyous Whos, but false.

The Sad People Who Watched ‘A Christmas Prince’ 18 Days In A Row Craft A Statement

We’ve done nothing wrong. But we do need to lay down a marker that watching a good, clean holiday romance every single day of the Christmas season is just good, clean fun.

Repairing Media Mistrust Means Understanding It Didn’t Start With Trump’s Attacks

This problem did not appear in 2015 when a real estate magnate descended an escalator. The descent began decades ago. The good news is, accountability matters, even to those who trust media least.

‘Love Actually’ Is A Prophecy That Foretold Prince Harry And Meghan And The Rest Of 2017

Stop arguing over whether ‘Love, Actually’ is a good movie. It is a prophecy.