D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
Denise C. McAllister is a cultural and political commentator based in Charlotte, NC. She is a senior contributor at The Federalist and her work can be found at several outlets, including PJ Media where she’s a contributor, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, and Ricochet. She has been a guest on Fox News, CNN, Newsmax TV, Sean Hannity Radio, NPR, BBC Radio, and many other radio programs across the nation. Her book, “A Burning and Shining Light,” is a dramatic narrative about the life and ministry of David Brainerd. She is also a pro-life speaker, advocating for the rights of unborn children. In addition to being a writer, she is a musician and visual artist.
The GOP Base Won’t Boycott Over Trump, Because Trump Isn’t The Problem

The real motives of Rauch, Wittes, and NeverTrumpers have nothing to do with pragmatic politics in response to a ‘dangerous’ president or concern about the rule of law.

Adam Schiff Fundraises Small-Dollar Donations Fueled By Trump Rage

Republicans might want to take note—the effort to fund ‘the resistance’ through an online platform is growing and in some cases succeeding.

Democrats Don’t Mind Government Shutdowns When They’re About Abortion

Here are four times a Democratic president and Democrat-controlled Congress earned an ‘F for failure of leadership’ amid a government shutdown.

French Actress Catherine Deneuve Calls #MeToo A ‘Puritan’ Attack On Sexual Freedom

Catherine Deneuve and others argue men are losing jobs and reputations for ‘sending sexually charged messages to women who did not return their attentions.’

Leave Ginuwine Alone. No One Should Be Intimidated Into Dating Trans People

Straight men should not be intimidated into dating men who imagine themselves as women. As human beings we simply don’t have that right.

The Golden Globe’s #MeToo Moment Just Didn’t Work

Celebrities were standing in solidarity against sexual harassment and lack of gender parity, but it rang hollow.

False Feminist Clichés To Hijack 2018 Golden Globes

The Golden Globes won’t be about who has the best acting skills; it’ll be a platform to advance politicized messaging that has little to do with concern for sexual abuse victims.

The Year Of Women’s Anger Will Only Escalate Unless Women Stop Pretending They’re Victims

Feminists have abandoned reason for pathos; they fight for moral authority, not actual rights.

What Happens In The Dark: A Memory From My Grandfather’s House

This was different, as if years of life had seeped into the walls, mixing and mingling into a scent that could only be found here, in this house where my mother grew up.

The #MeToo Movement Is Destroying Trust Between Men And Women

Like a disease, distrust is infecting our most foundational relationship as a people, the building block of a free, civil society—the relationship between men and women.

Can We Be Honest About Women?

Here’s a little secret we have to say out loud: Women love the sexual interplay they experience with men, and they relish men desiring their beauty.

Why It’s Justified To Vote For A Morally Questionable Politician

God uses all kinds of ‘immoral’ men and women to bring about his purposes. He is actually rather pragmatic regarding the secular world.

No, Joy Reid, A ‘Classical Liberal’ Is Not A Soft Socialist

MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid says ‘classical liberal’ describes people who support New Deal-style government redistribution. It’s precisely the opposite.

Women Should Stop Insisting Men Are Bad Just Because They Feel Sexual Tension

Instead of focusing on criminal behavior which has nothing to do with a man’s masculine identity but a person’s evil choices, some target men for simply being men.

Here’s What’s Good, Bad, And Ugly In ‘Stranger Things 2’

After ‘Stranger Things’ season one captivated ’80s kids like me, it needed to follow up with a satisfying season two. Mostly it accomplished that, but has weak points.

Sam Smith Can’t Ever Know What It Feels Like To Be A Woman

Our identity as male or female is not based on our subjective perceptions. It’s based on an objective reality, and the fixed nature of our bodies tells us what that reality is.

Why We Need More Men With Guns, Not Less

Anti-gun activists would like you to think that gun violence is a growing problem in the United States as alpha males flock to gun shows to buy weapons. False.

Why Dale Earnhardt Jr. Is Wrong To Call Anthem Protests On Company Time A ‘Right’

Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s tweet, and the love-fest that followed, encapsulates everything that’s wrong with these protests. No one has the ‘right’ to protest on his or her company’s time.

Why You Should Think Twice Before Airbnbing For A Down Payment

Any scheme that lures you to accumulate debt on top of current debt is not simply a lifestyle choice. It’s a moral choice.

Jennifer Lawrence Has Turned Into A Political Barbie With A String In Her Back

Jennifer Lawrence used to be a refreshing respite from the fake, self-aggrandizing liberal lemmings of Hollywood. Now she’s gone political and ruined her charm.