D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
Denise C. McAllister is a cultural and political commentator based in Charlotte, NC. She is a senior contributor at The Federalist and her work can be found at several outlets, including PJ Media where she’s a contributor, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, and Ricochet. She has been a guest on Fox News, CNN, Newsmax TV, Sean Hannity Radio, NPR, BBC Radio, and many other radio programs across the nation. Her book, “A Burning and Shining Light,” is a dramatic narrative about the life and ministry of David Brainerd. She is also a pro-life speaker, advocating for the rights of unborn children. In addition to being a writer, she is a musician and visual artist.
YouTube’s Heroes Program Empowers The Speech Police

Nobody likes a whiner or a snitch. Except YouTube, apparently, which is giving malcontents ‘super powers’ to shut down people who say things they don’t like.

If Keith Lamont Scott Had Followed Gun Laws, Would He Still Be Alive?

The black man shot and killed by a black police officer in Charlotte, N.C., was a felon who had gone to prison for seven years, making it illegal for him to possess a firearm.

If Planned Parenthood Thinks Black Lives Matter It Should Stop Killing Them

The real violence against minorities in America isn’t on the streets of Charlotte or any other city, it’s in the clinics of Planned Parenthood.

Wrong, Naya Rivera: Abortion Is A Men’s Issue, Too

Women like actress Naya Rivera dismiss men because they aren’t carrying the baby. Yet the father does have an interest in whether his child lives or dies.

Trevor Noah Can’t Even Make Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Funny

When are people going to demand that Comedy Central get rid of Trevor Noah and replace him with someone who’s actually funny?

‘South Park’ To Take On Colin Kaepernick In Season Opener Tonight

As the PC culture has been slowly killing comedy, ‘South Park’ is a ray of hope.

Conservatism’s ‘Racism’ Isn’t What You Think It Is

Neither conservatism nor the GOP has been acting as the cover for clandestine bigotry. There is, however, a group of people reacting to racial identity politics.

This 12-Year-Old Girl Went Hunting, And Now Social Justice Warriors Want To Murder Her

‘Do the world a favor and kill yourself already before someone else makes you disappear.’

Voting For Trump Shouldn’t Cost Your Marriage

Wives are threatening to divorce their husbands if they vote for Donald Trump, but a vote for Trump doesn’t negate a human being’s worth and years of marital devotion.

Defending Abortion Of Zika Babies Proves Trevor Noah’s A Coward

I want to vomit every time I hear some pansy man who sold his balls to the feminist movement whine about respecting a woman’s right to choose death over life.

In Tough Times, Step Forward And Be Somebody To Lean On

We’re a culture that is strong on the easy act of praise but weak on the hard work of encouragement. Human beings need more than that.

The New Critics Of The Abortion Agenda Are Transsexuals

Advocates for abortion rights are too cissexist and heteronormative, says a new organization that intends to right this deep moral wrong. Oh, the irony.

Why Sansa Stark Can’t Trust Jon Snow, And Many People Are Like Her

When you have been abused, trust is painfully difficult. You simply don’t trust anyone, not even those who have never betrayed you.

Making ‘Star Trek’s’ Sulu Gay Is A Lame Move By Bad Screenwriters

This imposition of gayness by Hollywood is offensive not only on a social-cultural level, it’s insulting on a creative level.

Documents Say Hillary Clinton Knew She Was Breaking National Security Laws

Hillary Clinton had the necessary training regarding identifying and handling the classified materials James Comey says she carelessly mishandled.

Another Study Finds Same-Sex Parenting Isn’t Best For Kids

A study on the most comprehensive survey of U.S. adolescents ever finds children of same-sex parents report more sexual and physical abuse from their parents and other maladies.

Islamic Terrorists Are Not Motivated By Hate

If we continue to characterize these mass killings as events disassociated from Islamic doctrine and faith, we will fail to identify and thus defeat our enemy.

Obama’s Orlando Response Proves He’s In Denial About Terrorism

President Obama says it would do no good to link terrorism with Islamists. How wrong he is.

Hillary Clinton’s Temperament Disqualifies Her For The Presidency

If Johnny Depp can be held to account for throwing a cell phone at Amber Heard’s face, then shouldn’t the same media exam be given to Hillary Clinton?

Irony Of Ironies: Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton

Considering Hillary Clinton’s dismal failure as secretary of State, President Obama should have stuck with his assessment of her in 2008.