D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
D.C. McAllister
Denise C. McAllister is a journalist based in Charlotte, NC, and her work has appeared at Conservative Review, Real Clear Politics, Hot Air, Instapundit, and Ricochet. She has been a guest on Fox News, Sean Hannity Radio, BBC Radio, One America News Network, Newsmax TV, Trending Today with Rusty Humphries, WBT, KCRW’s “To the Point,” and other radio programs across the nation. Her book, “A Burning and Shining Light,” is a dramatic narrative about the life and ministry of David Brainerd. In addition to being a writer, she is an Expressionist artist and musician. She is also a pro-life speaker, advocating for the rights of the unborn. She is a graduate from the UNC Chapel Hill School of Journalism and has worked in both print and television news as an associate producer for the morning show at WFTV Orlando, a reporter for the Orlando Sentinel/Lake Sentinel, and a news correspondent for United Press International out of the Miami bureau.
Islamic Terrorists Are Not Motivated By Hate

If we continue to characterize these mass killings as events disassociated from Islamic doctrine and faith, we will fail to identify and thus defeat our enemy.

Obama’s Orlando Response Proves He’s In Denial About Terrorism

President Obama says it would do no good to link terrorism with Islamists. How wrong he is.

Hillary Clinton’s Temperament Disqualifies Her For The Presidency

If Johnny Depp can be held to account for throwing a cell phone at Amber Heard’s face, then shouldn’t the same media exam be given to Hillary Clinton?

Irony Of Ironies: Obama Endorses Hillary Clinton

Considering Hillary Clinton’s dismal failure as secretary of State, President Obama should have stuck with his assessment of her in 2008.

Transgender Activists Use A Child To Bully A Village

A classical charter in Minnesota will de-sex its bathrooms, institute speech controls, and teach kindergarteners transgender activists’ theories about human sexuality.

Don’t Forget Underwear, And Other Scenes Of My Southern Childhood

I sat there waiting for the real part of me to taste the wafer, but it never did. I thought maybe there was something wrong with that part of me.

With Women, Donald Trump Is Don Draper

Donald Trump doesn’t abuse women; he uses them. He isn’t concerned about love or even respect. He’s primarily interested in power.

We Don’t Need A ‘New National Story,’ David Brooks

David Brooks says it’s time to dispense with the individualism and adopt communitarianism. Balderdash.

Porn Doesn’t Bring People Together, Moms Do

While I wouldn’t advocate embracing a daughter’s choice to make porn, I do advocate a mother embracing her daughter.

No One Has A Right To A Bathroom

If the Obama administration is going to demand toilets be open to all comers, the McDonald’s in Chinatown has some ‘splaining to do.

A Conservative’s Guide To A Trump Nomination

Populism is a virus we’ve just recently caught. Cultural Marxism is a cancer that has infiltrated every part of our nation. Pivot to #NeverHillary.

Left Already Using Trump To Smear Republican Down-Ticket

Do voters want to see this kind of campaign splashed across the screen from now to November? If Donald Trump is the nominee, they will.

25 Things Men Could Do With A ‘Woman Card’

Donald Trump says Hillary Clinton is playing the woman card. What if men had a woman card?

Lesbian Couple Happy To Buy A Baby But Not To Get A Black One

These women are more concerned about racial differences than about the fact that they intentionally paid to procure a child who has no father in her life.

Minnesota Parents Sue To Get Trans Classes In Kindergarten

Parents of a five-year-old trans child have filed a complaint against a charter school for refusing to teach harmful, anti-science beliefs about human biology.

Islamism Is The World’s War On Women

American women are living in the lap of luxury and whining about their ‘rights’ while their sisters in Muslim countries live in fear of oppression, violence, and death.

Montel Williams Hates Haters—Except Himself

Talk show host Montel Williams thinks it’s okay to parachute into a local North Carolina race and attack a woman who opposes allowing men in women’s bathrooms.

Trans Activists Not Satisfied With NC Job Protections

Facing an activist backlash against a bill requiring people to use bathrooms and locker rooms according to their biological sex, Gov. Pat McCrory has ordered special protections for trans people.

Why Girls Still Play Dumb To Get Guys

Playing dumb accepts the falsehoods of religious extremists and radical feminists—both of whom equate submission with ineptitude.

Blame Republican Leaders If Pro-Life Voters Go Trump

Donald Trump may be an abortion wild card who doesn’t get the issue, but Hillary Clinton is a committed pro-abortion politician who unequivocally attacks life.