Bre Payton
Bre Payton
Bre Payton, Staff Writer
Bre Payton is staff writer for The Federalist. She has written on subjects ranging from Kanye West to Supreme Court rulings, to 2016 and breaking news. She has appeared on Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, BBC World News, among others, and her work has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Daily Signal, and WORLD Magazine, to name a few. She previously worked as a reporter for and received her degree in Political Journalism from Patrick Henry College. She is based in Washington, DC and can be contacted at [email protected] Follow her on Twitter at @Bre_Payton.
Report: Aborted Baby Body Parts Traffickers May Be Raking In U.S. Tax Dollars

A new report shows that an organization that harvests aborted baby organs for research has been charging more than what is legally reimbursable.

Serena Williams’s Coach Was Caught Cheating. Now She’s Crying Sexism

It is possible to be both frustrated at sexist double standards in the tennis world and think that cheating is unacceptable. 

Why Jane Austen Made An Ordinary Girl The Heroine Of ‘Northanger Abbey’

A woman doesn’t need to be impossibly beautiful or virtuous in order to overcome challenges like a protagonist in a novel.

Poll: Nike Brand Reputation In Free Fall Following Release Of Colin Kaepernick Ad

Nike’s favorability rating has plummeted after the brand rolled out an ad campaign featuring former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

Hey, Issa Rae, Melania Trump Does Like ‘Insecure,’ But That Doesn’t Mean You Should Cancel It

In a recent interview with Glamour, Issa Rae, the brains behind HBO’s ‘Insecure,’ said she would cancel her show if she found out Melania Trump is a fan. It happened.

Comparing People To Hitler For Supporting Donald Trump Is Crazy Talk

On NPR Friday, a fellow guest compared me to an Adolf Hitler supporter because I said something positive about President Trump’s tenure in office. Yes, seriously.

WATCH: Democrat Senators Throw Toddler-Style Tantrum Over Brett Kavanaugh

On day one of Kavanaugh’s confirmation hearings, Democrat senators employed toddler-style tactics in an effort to interrupt the proceedings.

FBI Disputes Claim That DOJ Used Leaked Stories It Planted To Get FISA Warrants

An FBI agent reportedly told Congress behind closed doors the feds used the stories to justify spying on the Trump campaign.

Poll: Blue-Collar American Workers Are More Optimistic About Trump, America, And Their Jobs

A new survey finds that more blue-collar American workers approve of President Trump than those who disapprove of him.

How Jane Austen’s ‘Northanger Abbey’ Reveals Her Satirical Genius

Reading ‘Northanger Abbey’ is essential to understanding Jane Austen’s use of satire throughout the entire canon of her books. 

Why Reading Jane Austen Is Essential To Understanding Virtue And Vice

Virtues like courage and moderation are character traits that reveal themselves when one is faced with great adversity or great pleasure.

Elizabeth Warren To Mollie Tibbetts’ Family: You Need To Focus On ‘Real Problems’ Like Immigrant Family Separations

Warren said she’s ‘sorry’ Mollie Tibbetts is dead, but we must focus on the ‘real problems’ of lawbreaking parents at the border who are being temporarily separated from their kids.

Former Trump Attorney Michael Cohen Pleads Guilty To Eight Criminal Counts

President Trump’s longtime former attorney Michael Cohen has pled guilty to eight criminal counts, including five counts of tax evasion and bank fraud.

Federal Jury Fails To Convict Paul Manafort On Majority Of Counts, Finds Him Guilty On 8 Counts Of Fraud

A  federal jury found former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort guilty this afternoon on eight of 18 counts in the first trial brought by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Will Jeff Flake Finish Blessing The Rains Down In Africa Soon?

Sen. Jeff Flake has been in Africa for nearly a month and he’s been telling different people different things about when exactly he’s planning to return.

Facebook Gives No Explanation For Censoring Conservative Educational Site PragerU

It appears Facebook is censoring PragerU by making sure that none of the educational site’s 3 million followers get to see their posts. 

Federal Judge Denies CNN Request To Dox Jurors In Manafort Trial

CNN, along with a conglomerate of other media outlets, filed a motion Friday morning to publicly reveal the names and home addresses of those serving on the jury in the Manafort trial.

CNN Just Sued The Government To Get The Names And Addresses Of Manafort Jurors

The anti-Trump cable network has a history of doxxing threats and harassment.

Los Angeles Times Speaks Out About 300 Anti-Trump Editorials

‘The idea of joining together to protest him seems almost to encourage that kind of conspiracy thinking by the president and his loyalists.’

Sen. Bill Nelson Admits He Has No Evidence Of 2018 Election Hacking

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson claimed the Florida voting system had been compromised by Russians, but now he’s backpedaling that claim.