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Watch Republican Dan Crenshaw Troll SNL’s Pete Davidson With Ariana Grande Ringtone

Dan Crenshaw appeared on ‘Saturday Night Live’ to bury the hatchet with Pete Davidson and executed a brilliant troll.


Pete Davidson apologized to Lt. Com. Dan Crenshaw for mocking his appearance on “Saturday Night Live.” The Congressman-elect wholeheartedly accepted the apology, before executing the greatest troll of all time.

Davidson told Crenshaw he was sorry for mocking the former Navy SEAL’s eyepatch, which he wears due to an injury received when an IED went off, killing his translator and destroying his eye, during his third combat tour in Afghanistan.

“So are we good?” Davidson asked.

“Apology accepted,” Crenshaw replied.

A second later, Crenshaw’s phone rang, and an Ariana Grande song set as his ringtone blared loudly.

“Ha, an Ariana Grande song,” Davidson said awkwardly.

“Oh, do you know her?” Crenshaw poked.

Davidson was recently engaged to the “Breathin” singer, before the two split suddenly.

Crenshaw and Davidson ended the segment by giving the Republican a chance to mock photos of Davidson in return.