Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein
Melissa Langsam Braunstein, a former U.S. Department of State speechwriter, is an independent writer in Washington DC and a senior contributor to The Federalist. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, National Review Online, and RealClearPolitics, among others. She has appeared on EWTN and WMAL. Melissa shares all of her writing on her website and tweets as @slowhoneybee.
European Union Slaps ‘New Kind Of Yellow Star On Jewish-Made Products’

A survey of 2,504 French adults found that 69 percent of respondents would not buy products labeled ‘made in Israel.’

I’m An Observant Jew. Here’s Why I Want More Americans To Come To Jesus

If there’s anything materially wealthy America could use in 2019, it’s an infusion of spiritual affluence, something like a 21st century Great Awakening.

‘Modern Love’ Episode Illustrates The Dangers Of Dating Dad

This Modern Love episode reveals not only deep truths about the lasting pain of father absence, but also highlights the roots of society’s Me Too problems.

Give Women What They Want: Revive The Rom-Com

Rom-coms aren’t about celebrating single life in perpetuity. It’s okay if they draw from fantasy — in fact, that’s the whole point.

No, Men Don’t Need To Be More Like Women

Men and women are different. Not only should we be able to accommodate those complementary differences, we should revel in them.

‘Empire’s’ Abortion Debate Is Muddled, But Improved

‘Empire’ is never going to resolve the abortion policy debate, but as a matter of entertainment, this mulligan episode felt more respectful to viewers.

Does American Jewry’s Future Include Officers Guarding Us In Riot Gear?

The level of security at synagogues and Jewish schools has only increased since 9/11. This situation isn’t normal, yet it’s American Jews’ new normal.

New Board Members Prove Women’s March Antisemitism Is A Feature, Not A Bug

The departures of Linda Sarsour, Tamika Mallory, and Bob Bland are much better explained by the ‘infighting and financial mismanagement’ than antisemitism.

What To Watch For As The Israeli Election Results Roll In Right Now

Americans can expect Israel will soon be led by a prime minister named Benjamin who’s focused on Israelis’ security. Regardless of which Benjamin that is, expect the U.S. Democrats’ left flank to be unhappy about it.

Bari Weiss Explains How To Fight The Rise Of Anti-Semitism

New York Times columnist Bari Weiss’s new book, ‘How to Fight Anti-Semitism,’ offers a trenchant look at an old evil that’s on the rise once more.

We Finally Have The Infertility Memoir Women Need To Read

Callie Micks’ intensely personal book, ‘The Baby Binder,’ confronts infertility head-on, addressing the heartbreak, the worry, and the tears, and asks why do we care so little about an issue that affects so many women?

Why Haven’t Republicans Stood Against Antisemitism In The Wake Of Trump’s Comments?

Many American Jews were already feeling rubbed raw, and this news from the White House pressed hail-size salt into those wounds.

Europe Considers The Nazi Idea Of Requiring Jewish Businesses To Identify Themselves On Labels

The EU may begin targeting businesses in Israel in the name of neutrality, but the ramifications will be anything but neutral.

No, The Israel Boycott Movement Isn’t All About Free Speech

Americans are used to politicians lying, but at a certain point we need to start calling out the falsehoods our lawmakers use in describing the anti-Israel boycott, divestment, and sanctions movement.

With New House Resolutions, Democrats Finally Allow Their Israel Divide Into The Open

Despite Pelosi’s best efforts, the House voted on a resolution to oppose the boycott Israel movement — and its bipartisan support was overwhelming.

How Vanity Fair’s Instagram Mommy Murfer Celebrates Traditional Living

What’s perhaps most countercultural about Courtney Adamo, an heiress who can afford to live as she pleases, is how much she reflects traditionally conservative ideals about family life.

‘Never Again’ Requires Promoting Religious Freedom For All

Religious communities are being persecuted globally, from shootings to sexual abuse. People from more than 100 countries convened to fight these atrocities.

The First Amendment Shouldn’t Be An Empty Promise To American Jews

Since Congress just introduced the first-ever resolution to boycott Israel, the DOJ’s combating anti-Semitism event couldn’t have come at a better time.

How To ‘Shine A Light’ Against The Growing Darkness Of Anti-Semitism

Several speakers reminded the overwhelmingly Christian audience (with a smattering of observant Jews) that anti-Semitism is a cancer, and it’s everybody’s problem.

12 Things Americans Can Learn From Israel’s Pro-Parenting Culture

In Israel, there’s longer maternity leave, better health care, designated days for families, and very little helicopter parenting. Can we learn from them?