Josh Sabey
Josh Sabey

Josh Sabey is a writer, entrepreneur, and videographer based in Raleigh, North Carolina. You can follow him and his brothers as they blog about about society and family at

Why Psychologists’ Selective Opposition To Gay Therapy Undercuts Their Field

Psychologists oppose reparative therapy with religious fervor while using just as ineffective and possibly dangerous methods to treat a host of other more common issues.

Critics Entirely Miss The Core Illumination Of ‘Song To Song’

Terrence Mallick uses the actors, rock stars, and models like a masterful magician who pretends one trick but does another. They are all fools for acting in their own satire.

Here’s What You Could Do With Your Life If You Acted On Your Social Media Fatigue

At the end of the day, like at the end of a meal, you shouldn’t feel empty. If so, it might be worth using the end of Lent to take back your leisure time.

‘Privilege’ Is Just Another Word For Family, And We Need More Of It

‘Privilege’ is just another term for strong family ties. That means we’ll serve more people by expanding privilege rather than by destroying it.

‘Jane The Virgin’ Accidentally Portrays The Thrill Of Guilt

Although the show’s premise is rooted in the virtue of abstinence, ‘Jane the Virgin’ avoids moral absolutes—and thus the possibility of guilt—at every turn.

We Need To Rethink How We Treat Rapists

Because we’re harsh on rapists, we don’t have to consider our own responsibility in triggering other people’s vulnerabilities.

Why Parents Shouldn’t Always Accept Their Kids’ Life Choices

Becoming a porn star? Seeking an open relationship with his wife? A child in these situations deserves love, yes, but also help. Not blanket acceptance.

Conservatives Aren’t Becoming Professors Because They Have Fewer Role Models

If what Frank Smith observed is true, one group of students would be dramatically influenced by their professors’ liberalism: the students who see themselves becoming professors.

Question The Stories You Tell Yourself About Terror Attacks And Police Shootings

If you’re scared an Arab is going to kill you, you need to question your narrative. You need to do the same if you’re walking down the street fearing the cops are going to shoot you.

Black Lives Matter Doesn’t Know What It Wants, And That’s Dangerous

Black Lives Matter’s platform is practically immortal. There can never be a time when their mission will be accomplished, the standard can be rested, or wounds healed.

Why Health Insurance Is Like Playing The Lottery

Bad habits, low exercise, poor hygiene, genetics—those are your largest risks, and health care has proven to be very ineffective at dealing with those risks.