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Breaking News Alert Tucker Slams Newsweek Smear As Scheme To Restart Government Surveillance

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Andrew Yang Refuses To Appear On MSNBC Until The Network Apologizes To Him

…the network has yet to apologize on-air. Only 1,047 people liked MSNBC’s apology tweet, compared to the 1.14 million total viewers that watch MSNBC during the day. That’s a…

Watch MSNBC Applaud Trans-Identifying Man Accused Of Sexual Harassment “MSNBC devoted an entire new segment to gushing over Artemis Langford, the first ever transgender-identifying man to join a sorority, who also happens to be accused by six of…

MSNBC Lies About Trump’s Coronavirus Response

In a blistering attack on President Donald Trump, MSNBC’s Steve Benen accused the White House of ignoring the threat of coronavirus throughout January even though intelligence officials were warning about…

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