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Breaking News Alert Poll: Voters Say Stopping Biden's Border Invasion Is More Important Than Funding Ukraine

MSNBC Darlings Jen Psaki, Rachel Maddow Mock Voters For Noticing Biden’s Border Invasion

MSNBC panel
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Less than one week after an illegal border crosser from Venezuela was charged in Virginia with sexually assaulting a minor, a panel of MSNBC hosts mocked Old Dominion voters for caring about the ongoing border invasion.

“I live in Virginia. Immigration was the number one issue,” President Joe Biden’s former White House Press Secretary-turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki quipped during her network’s Super Tuesday election coverage.

Her feigned surprise that voters in a state more than 1,500 miles away from the U.S.-Mexico border would care about the influx of criminals, drugs, and other problems entering the country thanks to the administration’s open border policies was egged on by a chorus of laughter from the panel featuring MSNBC hosts Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Nicole Wallace.

“Well, Virginia does have a border with West Virginia,” Maddow retorted, receiving another round of laughs.

In just a few short seconds, MSNBC’s media darlings not only implied that Virginia voters are stupid. They also pretended that Americans outside of traditional “border states” like Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California shouldn’t have an opinion on the 10 million illegals who were “caught” and then released and shipped all over the U.S. since Biden took office.

The consequences of the border invasion under Biden’s watch aren’t just affecting voters in Virginia. Across the country, Americans on both sides of the political aisle say the influx of illegal border crossers is one of their top issues heading into the 2024 election. According to Gallup, the public’s prioritization of the border crisis at the polls is the highest it’s been since 2019.

States everywhere are plagued with thousands of preventable crimes committed by illegal border crossers who should have faced permanent deportation long ago. Many are struggling to keep up with the unprecedented numbers of illegals flooding their neighborhoodstaking over local hotels, and forcing kids home from school. Additionally, Americans in the North, South, East, and West are enduring a raging, record-breaking fentanyl epidemic that is directly sustained by our foreign enemies who are exploiting the open border.

Since the beginning of Biden’s border invasion, corporate media has done nothing but repeatedly lie, fabricate, memory hole, and cover for the people responsible for this assault on our national security and identity.

Under Psaki’s former employer, Biden, every state is a border state. Corporate media’s mockery of this fact not only proves their hatred for voters like you but also their hatred for our nation.

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