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Corporate Media Cover For Biden’s Border Invasion By Pretending Laken Riley Murder Suspect Wasn’t An Illegal Crosser


Corporate media are covering for the deadly consequences of President Joe Biden’s border invasion by pretending the illegal border crosser who allegedly assaulted, kidnapped, imprisoned, and murdered 22-year-old University of Georgia nursing student Laken Hope Riley this week was merely a nearby resident and not an illegal alien from Venezuela with a criminal history.

One day after Riley’s body was reported missing and subsequently found following an early morning run on her university’s campus in Athens, Georgia, Jose Ibarra was charged with several felonies related to her disappearance and death.

The revelation sparked outrage among Americans who have noticed a pattern of preventable crimes by foreigners who crossed the open border under the Biden administration’s watch and prompted several letter-writing campaigns from Georgia Republicans who have done little to curb the state’s deadly sanctuary city policies.

Instead of acknowledging the prevalence of illegal border crosser crimes, corporate media launched a widespread operation to obscure the murder suspect’s nationality and his illegal presence in the U.S.

In its attempt to shift the blame for Riley’s death from the people encouraging a border invasion to the “fears of solo female athletes,” the Associated Press referred to the 26-year-old alleged murderer as an “Athens resident” instead of a Venezuelan who illegally made his way into the U.S. in 2022. The publication even went so far as to invoke the “2018 death of University of Iowa student Mollie Tibbetts while out jogging” but refused to mention that her murderer was also an illegal border crosser.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution also incorrectly identified Ibarra as an “Athens man.”

CNN claimed Ibarra was “of Athens” and emphasized that, according to UGA Police Chief Jeff Clark, he does not have an “extensive” criminal history.

Contrary to CNN’s claim, Ibarra did have several run-ins with American law enforcement following his illegal entry into the U.S. He also could have easily been one of the many criminals whose exodus from their failing South American state has caused violent crime rates in Venezuela to drop, something that’s nearly impossible to deduce due to a lack of well-kept records.

The day after Georgia law enforcement announced Ibarra’s arrest, Axios promoted an October article headlined “The myth of a U.S.-Mexico ‘open border.’”

“By using the term ‘open border,’ conservatives are falsely suggesting that anyone can get into the U.S. without much hassle. But the southern border is more fortified than it’s ever been,” the publication falsely claimed.

Suggesting Ibarra was merely an Athens resident, not a foreigner with a lawbreaking history who took advantage of what a majority of Americans recognize is an open border crisis, isn’t simply factually inaccurate. It’s deliberately deceptive and designed to absolve Biden and Democrats of blame for allowing and even incentivizing the record-breaking influx of illegal border crossers.

Riley’s death was preventable. If we were enforcing security at the border, Ibarra would have never made it into the U.S. Even if he did manage to infiltrate the states, he would have been jailed and deported immediately after his first crime in New York, when he was arrested for “reckless endangerment of a child and acting in a manner injurious to a child.

Instead, even after being locked up, Ibarra was able to bond out and flee to a county that bans law enforcement from asking about immigration status and even offers illegal border crossers legal aid. It was there that he took the life of an innocent American.

Ibarra’s mere presence in Athens is an example of everything wrong with the current border policy. Thanks to the current administration’s intentional rollback of border security, vetting, and punishment for foreigners illegally entering, staying, and committing crimes in the U.S., innocent Americans are paying with their lives.

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