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CNN, MSNBC Hosts Break Down Over GOP Victories In Virginia


Panelists on CNN and MSNBC broke down Tuesday night as election results poured in handing Republicans upset victories in Virginia.


Panelists on CNN and MSNBC broke down Tuesday night as election results poured in handing Republicans upset victories in Virginia.

Moderate Republican businessman Glenn Youngkin captured the state President Joe Biden won by 10 points just one year ago.

“His campaign promise,” MSNBC host Nicole Wallace said of Youngkin’s platform, “is, ‘on day one! I’m going to ban critical race theory.’ That is like us banning the ghosts. There are no ghosts!”

Former Democrat Gov. Terry McAuliffe, however, running again for a second term, oversaw a state education department that explicitly instructed teachers to “embrace critical race theory,” a form of state-sponsored racism indoctrinating children in schools to see the world through a racial lens.

Yet Nicolle Wallace, the rest of MSNBC’s evening lineup, and across corporate media Tuesday, Democrats lied that critical race theory is a cooked-up conspiracy peddled by conservatives.

The most hysterical coverage of results came from hosts on MSNBC. They charged Youngkin, who pivoted from running a conventional beltway Republican campaign to one of cultural crusader late in the race, as deploying a racist dog whistle.

“Critical race theory, which isn’t real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the Trump insurrection-endorsed Republican,” Wallace complained.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid called Republicans “dangerous to our national security.”

“These Republicans are dangerous,” she said. “This isn’t a party that’s just another political party that disagrees with us on tax policy. That at this point, they’re dangerous.”

Reid charged Republicans with “stoking” a form of “white nationalism” that leads to domestic terrorism.

Rachel Maddow said Republicans “invented a bogeyman about a form of racial hierarchy” that conservatives “fantasized into existence that isn’t actually taught in schools.”

Network anchors also appeared outraged at Youngkin’s pledge to ban something they claim doesn’t exist. Reid declared Republicans’ use of education as a wedge issue after McAuliffe pledged in the September debate to keep parents out of K-12 decisions, “code for white parents don’t like the idea of teaching about race.”

On CNN, the same deceptive denials of critical race theory’s presence in schools saturated network coverage throughout its election night programming. Political commentator Van Jones called Youngkin the “delta variant of Trumpism.”

“Same disease, but spreads a lot faster and can get a lot more places,” Jones said.

The network’s Nia-Malika Henderson chalked up Republicans’ victories to “white identity politics.”

Youngkin captured the Virginia gubernatorial race and a slate of Republican candidates swept statewide offices for the first time since 2009. Winsome Sears, a black Jamaican immigrant and former U.S. marine, was elected the state’s new lieutenant governor. Republican Jason Miyares, who is Cuban-American, was elected as state attorney general.

Daily Beast columnist Wajahat Ali characterized the Republican triumph as evidence of “whiteness” that “remains undefeated.”