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MSNBC Regular Malcolm Nance Wants You To Kill Your Neighbor

Malcolm Nance
Image CreditMSNBC / YouTube

A neighbor that you like probably voted for Donald Trump.


Malcolm Nance, a left-wing Navy veteran accused of exaggerating his military accomplishments while in the service and a regular on MSNBC, came back from Ukraine this summer to stoke domestic conflict here at home.

While promoting his new book on the network Wednesday, ironically titled, “They Want To Kill Americans,” Nance told viewers they may need to do just that to save the incumbent regime from the supposed horrors of Trumpism.

“We’re already two years into this campaign where we will may have to fight ‘they,’ the ‘they’ in my title and ‘they’ who want to kill Americans, are your neighbors,” Nance said.

The “they” in Nance’s title makes reference to the right-wing groups that organized the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, groups Nance says are engaged in a domestic insurgency after a failed coup attempt on the day of Joe Biden’s electoral certification. The only people to die in three-hour turmoil, however, were demonstrators named Ashli Babbitt, Rosanne Boyland, Kevin Greeson, and Benjamin Phillips.

Babbitt was shot by Capitol Police Officer Michael Byrd near the Speaker’s lobby. Boyland appeared to be trampled to death in the lower west terrace tunnel amid confrontations with police. Greeson and Phillips suffered heart attacks after police used stun grenades, according to witnesses who spoke to Julie Kelly at American Greatness.

On Tuesday, even former National Security Adviser-turned NeverTrumper John Bolton threw cold water on the hyperbolic commentary that Trump’s supporters on Jan. 6 were executing a legitimate “coup.”

“As somebody who has helped plan coup d’etat, not here, but other places, it takes a lot of work,” Bolton said on CNN, arguing that Trump “unleash[ed] the rioters” but “not [to] overthrow the constitution.”

“If you don’t believe that, you’re going to overreact,” Bolton added.

Nance has accused Republicans of engaging in a violent insurgency on far more than one occasion, and MSNBC has been more than willing to offer him a platform for extremist fearmongering. In October, Nance called the Republican Party “an armed insurgency,” while completely ignoring the sustained insurrection from left-wing anarchists the year prior.

“If it was any other country, we’d be putting out critical reports and preparing to do airstrikes,” Nance said.

Five months prior, Nance said the Republican Party was an “insurgent political action group.”

Nance’s seething hatred for Republicans led to calls for political violence well before the 2020 election. In 2017, Nance urged the terrorist group ISIS to bomb Trump tower.

“This is my nominee for the first ISIS suicide bombing of a Trump property,” Nance wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

In a hyperpolarized nation where violence has become the norm, and even expected when leftists fail to reach preferred outcomes, Nance’s own unhinged commentary has become exceedingly dangerous. Hatred of one’s neighbors is at the root of all conflict, and Nance has no issue getting ahead of it by calling for “airstrikes” on his political opponents.

More than 74 million Americans voted for Donald Trump in 2020. While President Joe Biden carried the popular vote with more than 81 million, Trump’s support at the ballot box is no small number. Trump’s vote total still exceeds more than any other candidate for president in American history.

Further analysis of the voter data shows support for the Republican president was far more broad than legacy media often depicts. Of Biden’s 6 million in excess votes, 5 million came entirely from California where the president knocked out the incumbent 11 million to 6 million. The rest of the gap would be closed had the two candidates split vote totals in Washington and Oregon, or even just New York.

In other words, Biden’s victory in the popular vote came from a handful of states along the nation’s coasts, which means a neighbor that you like probably voted for Trump. They most likely just won’t share it, and will be even less likely as MSNBC talking heads continue to push for a purge of political dissidents.

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