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Breaking News Alert J6 Committee Ignores Witness's Ties To Zuckerberg-Funded Group That Manipulated 2020 Election

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The Biden Gaffe Machine: A Running List Of Joe Biden’s Best Slip-Ups

…said. President-Elect Joe Biden Names Kamala Harris ‘President-Elect’ President-Elect Joe Biden referred to his incoming vice president, Kamala Harris, as “president-elect” in Dec. 29 remarks on the COVID crisis….

Joe Biden Is The Commander In Hiding

…become of the Biden presidency. “I’m speaking to you from an auditorium emptier than Joe Biden’s daily schedule,” Gaetz said. By this time, Trump’s coined “sleepy Joe” phrase to define…

Joe Biden Needs A Class On Political Correctness

…between the members of Desipina and Biden? They are South Asian and Biden isn’t. This is really the key aspect of political correctness and intersectionality that Joe Biden doesn’t quite…

How Joe Biden Ruined My Wednesday

…threw out my contacts, grabbed my glasses, and made an appointment with my doctor. Not a huge tragedy, I’ll admit. But this was all before Joe Biden showed up. My…

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