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White House Shamelessly Claims Video Of Biden Clearly Freezing Up Onstage Is Fake

President Joe Biden freezes on stage
Image Credit Chris Gardner / X

Remember during the 2020 election when the Democrat Party apparatus said Hunter Biden’s laptop was fake and censored true information about it — a move that blatantly interfered with the outcome of the election? Well, they’re doing something similar again, but this time, they’re telling you the “disinformation” is what you’ve seen with your own eyes.

The White House shamelessly claimed on Monday that the viral video clearly showing President Joe Biden freezing onstage before being ushered off by his former boss is “fake.”

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel moderated a discussion between Biden and former President Barack Obama during a Saturday night fundraiser in Hollywood. The footage shows Biden and Obama standing on stage at the end of the event and waving to the crowd — until Biden stops waving and stares blankly ahead. The awkward moment doesn’t end until Obama — noticing the man with the nuclear codes seemingly in a trance — gently grabs Biden’s hand to lead him off the stage.

The original video was posted to X by The Hollywood Reporter’s Chris Gardner.

“Former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden offer final waves to Peacock Theater crowd as Obama then grabs Biden’s hand to lead him offstage,” Gardner wrote.

The White House and other Democrats have tried to run cover for Biden, claiming the video is manipulated. Yet no one has provided legitimate evidence to support their claim — because as it turns out, the video is real and everyone knows it.

“There seems to be a sort of a rash of videos that have been edited to make the President appear especially frail or mentally confused. I’m wondering if the White House is especially worried about the fact that this appears to be a pattern of what’s going on,” one so-called reporter asked during Monday’s White House press briefing.

Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre then shamelessly claimed the video was fake and manipulated.

“They are ‘cheap fakes’ video, they are done in bad faith,” Jean-Pierre said. “Some of your news organization have been very clear, have stressed, that these right-wing critics of the president have a credibility problem because the fact-checkers have repeatedly caught them pushing misinformation, disinformation.”

Similarly, the Biden campaign has tried to dismiss footage of Biden at the recent G7 showing the president wandering off before being corralled by Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni.

Video footage shows the leaders standing together while watching a skydiving demonstration before Biden turns away from the action, hobbles away, and appears to say something to one of the troops. Meloni jumps into action to corral the president back to the rest of the group, many of them watching in bewilderment.

Biden’s campaign spokeswoman Adrienne Elrod told MSNBC that Biden was actually just going to greet troops who had landed at the event via parachute. But surely Biden could have waited for the skydiving demonstration to finish — like the other world leaders appeared to do — before meandering off. Why would Meloni usher the president back to the rest of the group if his behavior were completely normal?

Another viral video shows Biden standing onstage with First Lady Jill Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, awkwardly attempting to sit down in his chair despite everyone else still standing.

The common theme here? All of Biden’s world-leading peers display a level of awareness and mental acuity that Biden is visibly lacking.

But that’s not even our biggest problem. Worse is that the highest office in the land is gaslighting the American people that their own eyes cannot be trusted.

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