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What Kid Needs Parents When Government Schools Dish Out Everything From Dinner To Hormones?

little girl getting a band-aid from a nurse
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These government school programs follow the Marxist playbook of destroying the family and making citizens fully reliant upon the state.


Leftist activists are all in on controlling your kids from “cradle to career.” 

This is evident in federally funded Head Start programs, which currently enroll infants. No need for parents to care for their own children — just drop them off with state-appointed caretakers. Then as the children grow, school districts across the nation serve three meals each day. No need to buy groceries anymore when you can send the kids to school to eat. In a complete role reversal, schools give parents permission to come visit their children at school for “homework din[n]ers.” No need for private family meals. 

The government will now even provide “health care” to your children at school — or whatever passes for it. School-based health clinics or “wellness centers” may sound benign, but they are the new avenue by which government schools exert more control, taking away yet another parenting responsibility.

If you want your children to be mutilated through so-called “gender-affirming care,” just move to western North Carolina. The local medical provider, Blue Ridge Health, which oversees 33 school-based “health centers” in the area, promotes “gender-affirming care” as one of its services. 

You can also get these permanently life-altering services for children in other states such as Washington, Colorado, and others. In 2020, there were more than 3,200 school-based health centers across America, and those numbers continue to grow, with terrifying ramifications for students.

In North Carolina’s Buncombe County, a newly opened “Warrior Wellness Center” was born from a partnership with multiple organizations, including United Way, that say “equity and educational excellence are inseparable.” Equity, which is very different than equality, is part of Democrats’ destructive “diversity, equity, and inclusion” (DEI) ideology. It has nothing to do with actual education. Instead, it focuses on socialist narratives that divide people based on immutable characteristics such as skin color.

United Way is famous for funding charitable groups like the Salvation Army and Boy Scouts. But how many Americans realize its mission includes a race-based focus in promoting these wellness centers? 

The United Way of Buncombe’s website states that racism is “a root cause of poverty and … we can’t effectively fight poverty without addressing underlying systems and applying a racial equity lens to everything that we do.” Yes, racist social justice warriors have even invaded children’s health care through school-based health centers.

Now that school-based health centers are popping up around the nation, just send the kids to school and doctors will treat them. No need for Mom and Dad to even be present. Johnny may come home with wrong-sex hormones, a new name, and wearing a dress, but at least he received “equitable” treatment.

These government programs follow the Marxist playbook of destroying the family and making citizens fully reliant upon social programs, with the ultimate goal of eliminating freedom and capitalism.

Even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) — another taxpayer-funded bureaucracy offering to take care of your children — gets a piece of the action. The CDC created the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child model, which “focuses on the student and emphasizes the collaboration between schools, communities, public health, and health care sectors to align resources in support of the whole child.” 

Notice who is absent from this collaboration: parents and the church. 

Though the particulars vary, every state has compulsory education laws requiring children to be educated from about ages 5 to 18. Of course, parents can opt to send their little ones to private school or homeschool. But that’s not a financial possibility for many families since many states refuse to allow tax dollars to follow a student when paying for options other than government schools. 

American education has become a system of force — like that of North Korea or Cuba. How can children be taught about capitalism when they are living the realities of socialism for 13 years of their lives, stuck behind the wall of government schools? 

The only thing government hasn’t taken over is tucking your children into bed — yet.

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