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Journalist Who Exposed Secret Tucson Migrant Hotel Speaks Out: ‘Super Secretive’ Business 

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After being thrown out of a Tucson hotel, Fox News host Rachel Campos-Duffy told The Federalist, “They were super secretive.”

“These NGOs, as far as I’m concerned, are an arm of the Democratic Party,” said Campos-Duffy. “The Democrats are getting more illegals, which they hope to turn into voters. The NGOs are making money, and the small businesses like these hotels are making money.”

An Arizona hotel in Tuscon is secretively housing illegal migrants who cross the border, according to an investigation by Campos-Duffy.

On Monday, Campos-Duffy published a nearly 2-minute video on X wherein she and her camera crew walked into a hotel run by a group called Casa Alitas, where migrants were supposedly staying.

“What you’re seeing is basically an unmarked building. All signage is removed,” Campos-Duffy explained. “That’s the first sign you know that this is an NGO, a non-government organization. In this case, Casa Alitas, who is housing illegal immigrants.”

Campos-Duffy and her team, however, were aggressively turned away when they asked to rent a room.

“We’re not going to answer any of your questions,” said a female worker in a blue polo, who demanded the crew leave.

“This is an NGO paid for by government money,” Campos-Duffy said. “Can you explain what you do here? Why so much secrecy?”

Campos-Duffy and her crew returned the next morning for answers but were violently harassed by security, as seen in a second video.

The Casa Alitas website describes the group as “a program of Catholic Community Services of Southern Arizona.”

“The Casa Alitas Leadership Team and Volunteer Service Coordinators support a network of paid staff, volunteers, and interns to create a safe, just, and compassionate refuge for the migrant families transiting through our Southern Arizona border communities,” the website says. “The Casa Alitas program is sustained by an inter-denominational network of faith collaborators and inter-organizational partnerships with federal, state, and municipal government agencies; universities and colleges; and other non-governmental organizations.”

Campos-Duffy made the visit while on a reporting trip to the Arizona-Mexico border for Fox News ahead of President Joe Biden’s trip this week.

Campos-Duffy explained in an interview with The Federalist that the government uses NGOs to evade oversight for handling the influx of migrants who cross the border.

“Our government either can’t handle all the people coming through,” Campos-Duffy said, “Or it could be that we just don’t want to because that would require more oversight from Congress.”

House Republicans impeached Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas this month over the administration’s efforts to procure an open border. Conservatives in the upper chamber are now demanding the Senate fulfill its constitutional obligation to hold a trial.

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