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Politico Reporter Embarrasses Herself Attempting To Defend ‘Christian Nationalism’ Smears

Heidi Przybyla talking on MSNBC
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Politico reporter Heidi Przybyla is in meltdown mode after receiving much-deserved blowback for penning a scaremongering report about how a second term of Donald Trump will bring about a wave of so-called “Christian nationalism.”

In their lengthy diatribe published Tuesday, Przybyla and co-author Alexander Ward warned that Christians close to Trump are secretly plotting to advance America’s founding Judeo-Christian values should the former president defeat Joe Biden this November.

These “Christian nationalists” (A.K.A. mainstream Christians), the two wrote, represent an existential threat to the republic because they believe America “was founded as a Christian nation and that Christian values should be prioritized throughout government and public life.”

Every member of every other religion can do so, but it’s horrible when Christians support policies that align with their faith! Also, it’s evil to love what made America great: its Founders repeatedly acknowledging that without Christianity, there can be no self-government.

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Given her clear inability to understand basic facts about the American founding and Christianity, it wasn’t shocking to witness Przybyla present her lunacy to MSNBC viewers on Friday.

“The one thing that unites them as Christian nationalists — not Christians by the way, because Christian nationalists is very different — is that they believe that our rights as Americans, as all human beings, don’t come from any earthly authority; they don’t come from Congress; they don’t come from the Supreme Court — they come from God,” Przybyla said.

Her full remarks on the subject are just as morally and intellectually disqualifying.

Gee, if only there were a historical document instrumental to the American founding and written by a Founding Father that contained the words: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

Przybyla’s smearing of the country’s majority religion isn’t shocking. Her checkered history of pushing bunk stories about nonexistent corruption among constitution-upholding Supreme Court justices and hyping baseless rape allegations against Justice Brett Kavanaugh are more than enough to disqualify her credibility as a “reporter.” What’s hilarious, however, is how much the Politico hack continued to double down on her asinine hatred for America’s founding creed and “reporting” in the hours that followed her dumpster-fire MSNBC interview.

In one tweet posted on X, Przybyla claimed, “There are different wings of Christian Nationalism [and] they are bound by their belief that our rights come from God,” and seemingly insisted that Christians who support pro-life policies are “Christian nationalists.”

“If you are Hindu, Jewish etc, this might help you understand the next part of my point, which is they are using this for a man-made policy agenda, which distinguishes this from other Christians who leave these God-given rights at our inherent right to ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ — vs banning abortion, contraception etc.,” she wrote.

Przybyla continued to respond to critics on X throughout Friday afternoon, a desperate bid to defend her nonsensical talking points.

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