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What Happened When I Showed Up To Davos Uninvited

Theresa May talks to Larry Taunton
Image CreditCourtesy of Larry Taunton

For a gathering of people that gets excited about mass surveillance and brain chips, the WEF was surprisingly easy to get into without any credentials.


“Sir, I don’t have you on my list,” said the young woman surveying a clipboard while simultaneously blocking my entrance into one of the World Economic Forum’s many titillating lectures.

“Ah, well, look again. I am sure there has been some mistake,” I declared with the absolute assurance of a man who knows he isn’t on the list but who is nonetheless certain he will get in anyway.

Behind me in a rapidly forming queue stood actual members of the World Economic Forum, known affectionately to insiders by the diminutive “Wef,” waiting for her to check their names against the same list before granting them entry.

Honestly, for a group that, apart from global tyranny, gets excited about nothing so much as mass surveillance and brain chips, I found myself continually amazed that they used a process so antiquated that every teacher from Aristotle to Ben Stein has used it for roll call: Bueller? Bueller?”

But it was much to my advantage.

Spying on the Crackpots Running WEF

You see, WEF attendance is expensive. While the exact cost is murky, WEF membership, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars, is required before one can buy a pass for their annual meeting at Davos, which is tens of thousands of dollars more.

Not a chance I was paying those fees. For the second year in a row, I adopted a much less expensive approach: I just walked into every building like I owned the place. And, with so many billionaires walking into buildings just like this one all over Davos, who was to say I didn’t own the place? (Life hack: Act like you belong wherever you are going, and people will treat you like you do belong.)

But why was I, a Christian, conservative, and fierce anti-globalist, spying at Davos anyway? I fit in here about as much as a brown-skinned migrant at Martha’s Vineyard. And with 70 percent of WEF presentations online, why make the arduous journey to this pretentious gathering of more than 60 heads of state, 100+ billionaires, 600+ CEOs of major corporations, and 2,800 others?

Throughout my career, I have made it a point to understand the opposition. When I started taking on atheists, I didn’t just read books about them. I got to know them. More than that, I got to know their best representatives. I wanted to understand their thinking so that I might better combat it.

And, my, what preparation for the WEF that turned out to be. Where Christopher Hitchens and I debated the existence of God, WEFers, at least the ones at the top of their very feudal pyramid, just assume He doesn’t exist and they act accordingly. The upshot of that is a fundamentally anti-human agenda. Listen to WEFer Dennis Meadows as he explains why we need to reduce the global population by six to seven billion people. “But,” he says without a hint of irony, “I hope we can do it peacefully.”

And if you think Meadows is just a crackpot whose views aren’t shared by the WEF, you would only be half right: he is a crackpot. But he bears the august title of “World Economic Forum Agenda Contributor.” Moreover, his bestseller Limits to Growth is a kind of sacred text to this godless organization. It is their Mein Kampf just as surely as Ukrainian flag lapel pins are their party membership badges and Davos is the site of their Nuremberg Rallies.

Perhaps you think I’m too hard on them. And, in one sense, I am: they’re not Nazis as we suggested in this Downfall spoof. But they are fascists. That’s right, while all Nazis are fascists, not all fascists are Nazis. Nazis are, by definition, anti-Semites. There’s nothing in WEF founder Herr Schwab’s resumé to suggest he’s that. But the organization he created in 1971 is unquestionably fascist if one defines that word properly: The strict regimentation of the economy for war.

Fascism is the fusing of the state with corporations, bringing all power into the hands of a single person or a privileged class. In this case, the war is against domestic populations. It was fascism when GoFundMe, acting on behalf of Trudeau’s government, seized monies given to truckers participating in the Freedom Convoy. So, too, when Big Tech colluded with government agencies to suppress free speech. That’s what ESG is.

And like the Nuremberg Rallies of the 1930s, this WEF Eagle’s Nest has all the feel of a neo-pagan cult, worshipping as they do the environment; their “extraterrestrial” mission “to save the planet,” as John Kerry put it. Davos conjures the unsettling images of Leni Riefenstahl’s Will to Power. The fascist ethos that unites them, the swagger, and the flag waving are all there.

My Chat with Theresa May

Minutes after my encounter with the Clipboard Lady, I was chatting with former Prime Minister of Portugal José Manuel Barroso and former U.K. Prime Minister Theresa May about the WEF’s posture toward the war in Ukraine, which might be briefly summarized as highly enthusiastic.

What happened next serves as a subtle illustration of how the WEF, like all governments, disguises its actual objectives with a veneer of humanitarian respectability.

May, who is now chair of the Global Commission for Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking, was speaking about their efforts to assist Ukrainian war refugees who were being trafficked once they crossed the Polish border. This didn’t sit well with me. It just so happens that I was in Poland last year to interview those same refugees, and each of them made a point of saying they were receiving no assistance except that given to them by Christian organizations based in the United States. So, was May that mendacious or was she simply a figurehead who really didn’t know what was going on at ground level?

Hard to say. But I decided to ignore that and press her on Ukraine itself, a topic near and dear to WEFer hearts. (As we talked, a man stood nearby with a “Save Ukraine” t-shirt. This was life imitating parody.)

“What’s being done,” I asked the prime minister privately, “to assist Ukrainians being trafficked within Ukraine? Ukrainians don’t have to leave their own country to get trafficked. It’s happening with the full knowledge of a corrupt and complicit government.”

Image CreditLarry Taunton

The cheeriness with which Prime Minister May had greeted me just moments before evaporated.

“Nothing that I am aware of. I’ll have to make inquiries.” This was the classic Parliamentary Q & A parry.

“But you’re aware the government is corrupt?”

Her response was something of a shrug of the shoulders: “That’s Ukraine, isn’t it?”

Indeed, it is. It’s also the WEF.

Her cynically dismissive response confirmed what I have long suspected about Western leaders and the WEF, which are essentially the same thing, and that is this: Lofty rhetoric notwithstanding, they are no more troubled by Putin’s corruption and tyranny than they are by Zelensky’s or, for that matter, their own. No, they are willing to fight Putin to the last Ukrainian for one reason and one reason only: he isn’t on board with the globalist agenda.

If you’re looking for an explanation for the Biden administration’s utter devotion to a proxy war with Russia, look no further than this. They see Ukraine as the first of twin pillars supporting the globalist agenda.

The second is the United States. And that is what has them uneasy about the possibility of a second Trump Presidency — and uneasy they are. Farmer uprisings? Trucker convoys? Vaccine protests? WEFers are indifferent. They know those people don’t have real power. Not even Argentina’s new President Javiér Milei is a source of anxiety for them. But Trump, who didn’t even attend this year’s Davos meeting, nonetheless cast a long shadow over the whole week.

The prime minister moved off. Ukrainian corruption wasn’t a topic she wanted to pursue further. And it was time that I moved off, too. While the good people at Rebel News try to make their presence felt as much as possible at the WEF — their harassment of John Kerry was simply awesome — my strategy is exactly the opposite: I want to go unnoticed.

Saving the Faceless Masses

It was, I thought, unintentionally ironic that former Prime Minister Barroso, who is also the former president of the European Commission, quoted Dostoevsky:

“The more I love humanity in general, the less I love man in particular.”

The jet-setting sophisticates, gratified by a high literary reference worthy of their erudition, received this line with the polite chuckles of those who are sure they understand it. I think they did not. The quotation comes from The Brothers Karamazov. Superficially, the novel is a murder mystery. But at a much deeper level Dostoevsky, who was an atheist and socialist revolutionary before his arrest, imprisonment, and conversion to Christianity, is exploring the inevitable and inhumane schemes of men once they drive God from society.

The line is spoken by a man who is a hypocrite, and loves the idea of saving the faceless masses but cares nothing whatsoever for his neighbor. In delivering it, Barroso, whether he knew it or not, was not only neatly summarizing the WEF mentality, but was speaking a kind of curse on the assembled.

For his own part, Dostoevsky saw exactly what is at the heart of all WEF-like endeavors:

“For socialism is not merely the labor question, it is before all things the atheistic question, the question of the form taken by atheism today, the question of the tower of Babel built without God, not to mount to heaven from earth but to set up heaven on earth.”

I think he was onto something.

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