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Joy Reid: LGBT Kids ‘Feel Seen’ By Books About Child Rape

Fresh off expressing hatred for the skin color of most Iowans, the MSNBC host openly defends taxpayer funding for stories about child rape.


This article quotes a discussion of obscene and criminal sex acts.

Refusing to stock pornography for kids in school libraries is comparable to banning black kids from school, MSNBC host Joy Reid argued last weekend, fresh off expressing hatred for some Iowans because of their skin color the week before.

In a debate with Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice, Reid insisted LGBT kids “feel seen” by books about child rape and sex toys, and that’s why taxpayers need to provide pornography to all kids.

Reid complains about parent advocates using the book review website to get “out-of-context passages from the book” to petition for the books to be removed from school library shelves.

“What is the expertise that you have, and other Moms for Liberty advocates have, to decide that an award-winning book like All Boys Aren’t Blue isn’t appropriate for students to read?” Reid asks.

“What a tragic story of a young man who is anally raped by his adult family member,” Justice responds. “So you have rape, incest, pedophilia. … In what context is a strap-on dildo appropriate for public school? Tell me what context around a strap-on dildo or the rape of a minor child by a teacher — ”

Reid interrupts, derailing Justice’s thought by randomly asking the name of the main character in the book, which has nothing to do with evaluating its quality.

“Why is it your right, or a Moms for Liberty activist’s right, to say that a parent who wants their child to have access to this book, which gives a personal experience of this author, why doesn’t a liberal parent, for instance, or the parent of a LGBTQ kid, why don’t they have a right for their child to just have access to this book?” Reid asks.

When Justice again points out the book depicts “incest, rape, and pedophilia,” Reid interrupts and redirects: “I want you to answer, what is your right to tell a parent who wants their child, who might feel seen by this story, why don’t they have the right, as a parent, to say, ‘My child can have access to this book’?”

“If a child feels seen by this story, that means they have been the victim of a predator,” Justice responds. “That means they have either been raped by a family member, they’ve experienced rape — “

Reid interrupts again, then changes the topic. Later, she again loops in black people as a unit with LGBT people, arguing that if books like All Boys Aren’t Blue stayed in school libraries with an opt-out form for kids of parents who oppose porn, then “each parent, including a liberal parent, a black parent, a parent who wants their child to read a book about African-American history, they get their rights.”

Hidden in that argument is the offensive assumption that black parents want their children provided graphic stories — some including illustrations! — of obscenities such as child rape, incest, and pedophilia. Also embedded is the assumption that stories about integrating schools are on an equal moral playing field as books for kids depicting rape and pedophilia.

Why does Reid compare putting black kids into public school with putting pornography about strap-on sex toys into schools? That offensively implies black kids are obscene and immoral. Reid may not be capable of articulating it, but this is yet another incoherent and evil fruit of the intersectionality doctrine that falsely claims all allegedly “oppressed” groups have a right to express hostility against white and heterosexual people.

To be clear, like all people, black kids are made in God’s image. They are not anything like dildos or child rape, and to suggest so is so false it’s obscene. It’s actual blasphemy against the God who made them.

Reid insists not only that some parents should be allowed to show their children pornography, but that the pornography they wish to show children must be provided by tax dollars. Making people pay for their own books is “essentially putting a tax on parents who want their children to read the book.”

Her position is incoherent and evil, but it’s also revealing. Reid takes the amazingly transparent position that pornography exposure is crucial for kids who identify as LGBT. In yet another display of Democrats’ love of showing off their social credit hierarchy, Reid gets to publicly insist that LGBT identification is intrinsically tied to incest and pedophile pornography.

It’s a position she shares with the creators of online pornography. Undercover videos of Pornhub script writers just a few months ago revealed they deliberately insert transgender partners, children, and opposite-sex partners into pornography aimed at children and heterosexuals, in order to “see if you can convert somebody, right? Like maybe somebody who’s never looked for anything like that.”

These people are evil, and Joy Reid is working for them.

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