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‘Clinton Likes Them Young’: Unsealed Deposition Of Epstein Victim Names 42nd President


Key information about the high-profile individuals connected to deceased sex offender and human trafficker Jeffrey Epstein surfaced this week after a judge unsealed documents and transcripts detailing their relationship with the late island owner. One such bombshell admission came from an Epstein victim who claimed her sex ring-running boss told her former President Bill Clinton “likes them young, referring to girls.”

Corporate media immediately tried to downplay the revelations contained in the unsealed documents by writing them off as old news or lacking details.

“There was no smoking gun list,” the New York Times asserted.

While it’s true that most of the 170 politicians, Hollywood stars, and socialites named in the documents were already known to rub elbows with Epstein and his associate convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, deposition transcripts say more about the nature of those relationships.

Clinton has repeatedly denied knowing anything about Epstein’s sex ring. Yet, part of a settled 2015 defamation lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts against Maxwell suggests the former president may have more knowledge about Epstein’s scheme to entice minor girls to travel and engage in sexual relations with the financier and his guests than Clinton initially let on.

In a 2016 deposition, Johanna Sjoberg, one of the masseuses Epstein infamously used for personal sexual pleasure and to charm his guests, recalled her boss telling her that the man who ran the U.S. for eight years had a sexual preference for young girls.

Sjoberg, who was a college student when Maxwell first recruited her under the guise of “answering phones” at Epstein’s home, claimed she did not know Clinton was “a friend of Jeffrey Epstein” until she read an article about the pair taking a trip in the sex offender’s plane together.

She did, however, know Epstein had “dealings with Bill Clinton” from conversations with him.

“He said one time that Clinton likes them young, referring to girls,” Sjoberg said.

Deposition transcripts released in 2019 show prosecutors grilled Maxwell about Clinton’s relationship with the island owner, but she refused to answer beyond confirming that she did “fly on planes, Jeffrey Epstein’s planes with President Clinton.”

“Would it be fair to say that President Clinton and Jeffrey are friends?” the lawyer asked.

“I wouldn’t be able to characterize it like that, no,” Maxwell replied.

When the legal counsel pressed Maxwell on whether or not Epstein and Clinton were at least “acquaintances,” she claimed she “wouldn’t categorize it.”

“He just allowed him to use his plane?” the lawyer questioned.

“I couldn’t categorize Jeffrey’s relationship,” Maxwell retorted.

In another sworn testimony released in 2019, Epstein’s pilot, David Rogers, admitted to flying Clinton and his Secret Service entourage from Miami to White Plains on Epstein’s plane in January 2002, just one year after the 42nd president left the White House.

“To the best of my knowledge. It was the first time that we had flown him,” Rogers said, noting that he had “no idea” of the details of Clinton’s relationship with Epstein and Maxwell.

Rogers flew Clinton again in March 2002 from John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York to London along with Clinton’s former deputy assistant and counselor, Doug Brand. They only stayed in London for a few hours before the Democrat requested a return to the States.

“We didn’t even spend one night there,” Rogers said, noting that Clinton was originally slated to remain in London for at least two nights.

Flight logs show Clinton took many rides on Epstein’s plane in 2002 and 2003 to several overseas destinations, including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean.

Clinton wasn’t the only one who eagerly took advantage of Epstein’s offer to revel in his wealth and maybe even his girls. Prince Andrew, billionaire and hedge fund manager Glenn Dubin, Michael Jackson, Hyatt Hotels billionaire Tom Pritzker, magician David Copperfield, failed presidential candidate Al Gore, former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, lawyer Alan Dershowitz, and others benefited from their connections to Epstein.

Former President Donald Trump is named in several documents but was cleared of ever visiting Epstein’s homes or island.

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