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‘Escaping Twin Flames’ Shows How Easy It Is To Brainwash People With Radical Gender Ideology

Jeff and Shaleia Ayan
Image CreditNetflix/YouTube

‘Escaping Twin Flames’ illustrates the dangers posed by the rapid and unyielding endorsement of radical gender ideology.


Top 10 Netflix documentary “Escaping Twin Flames” follows the rise of an online group that financially and emotionally exploits people starved for attention and community by promising them love and acceptance, even transgenderism. The three-episode series shows how easily social contagions like gender dysphoria, when force-fed into the lives of the emotionally vulnerable and chronically online, spread like wildfire.

Jeff and Shaleia “Divine” Ayan marketed their Twin Flames Universe (TFU) classes and Facebook forum as a way to connect with others and cultivate “beautiful, healthy, loving, romantic relationships.” The couple specifically claimed they possessed the power to identify “twin flames,” people whose souls are spiritually connected and destined to live in “harmonious union.”

The new age-y pledge they made to TFU members was that everyone who followed their spiritual exercises and self-help mirroring methods would eventually find and get with his or her true love. The schtick landed well with the lonely masses.

For the low price of thousands of dollars a year, any lonely hearts spurned by their exes could find validation for their lingering feelings in online chat rooms and prolonged Zoom meetings controlled by the Ayans.

The couple encouraged trainees in hours-long group sessions to cut off their “abusive” and unaccepting family and friends and pursue their old flames, despite repeated rejection, by whatever means necessary. One woman’s obsession with her ex was so exacerbated by the Ayans’ coaching that it landed her in jail for violating a restraining order.

TFU participants who weren’t pining after a former lover were pressured to start relationships with new people. Jeff and Shaleia told one teen that her twin flame was a mentally ill man with a criminal record. She was encouraged by the TFU leaders to move across the country to live with him, a decision that she admits negatively affected her life for years.

The group’s popularity, which hinged on multi-level marketing-style virtual coaching to bring new people into the fold, skyrocketed as did the Ayans’ personal wealth.

TFU’s increasingly female population, however, posed a problem to the Ayans’ revenue stream because there were fewer couples eligible for their “twin flame” pairings.

That’s when they introduced the idea that every twin flame relationship contains a divine masculine and divine feminine being, a classification that did not always correspond with someone’s sex. The arbitrary assignments laid the groundwork for the Ayans to orchestrate homosexual pairings between TFU members who previously claimed to have no homosexual attraction or desires.

Moths to a Flame

Faced with the possibility of losing members, the Ayans released a list of 20 “divined” TFU pairings, most between females. Women deemed “divine masculine” by the leaders were encouraged by lower-level TFU coaches to embrace their new identities.

“I was forced to make a lot of changes very quickly,” Angie, one middle-aged woman dubbed a “divine masculine” by Jeff and Shaleia, admitted.

“I was told I needed a haircut, and to start thinking about male names and changing my pronouns,” another woman added.

The couples on the list were also promised that they would have access to other TFU members’ sperm, selected by Jeff and Shaleia, so they could reproduce. At the time, the Ayans used in vitro fertilization to hand-select a female embryo to be their first child. When they heard the unborn baby, whom they claimed to communicate with on the astral plane, would face medical difficulties on earth, they aborted her.

Some TFU participants rejected the psychological gymnastics over “gender” and the “holy cause of birthing golden children.” Others, however, embraced the gender-bending as the next step in their twin flame journey.

Such is the case with “Isaiah,” a current TFU member whose mother Maxine was featured in the documentary.

“My child was born female and identified as a female until he joined Twin Flame Universe,” Maxine explained.

It was then “Isaiah” was encouraged by TFU to change her physical appearance to match her “divine masculinity.”

Maxine said Isaiah’s involvement in TFU started in 2018 when “my child was online all the time,” a trend many parents note corresponds to their child’s rapid-onset gender dysphoria.

“As soon as he got home, he’d head down to our basement and disappear for hours.”

She said she was surprised when “a few months later, out of the blue” the daughter she raised from birth demanded to be called a man.

One day, with just “five hours notice,” Isaiah told Maxine she was leaving to go be with her “twin flame” partner “Sage,” a man pretending to be a woman.

In May 2020, Isaiah started the chemical castration process. The couple marked the occasion with a YouTube video titled “Isaiah STARTS T and Sage RESTARTS E!!! Gender transitioning together as Twin Flames!!” By April 2022, the confused female had butchered her breasts, a mutilation that required “revisions” in 2023.

“If anything, it’s major surgery. If, God forbid, anything happened on that operating table, I wasn’t there to be there, to hold his hand, to be there for your child,” Maxine said.

Debbie said she hadn’t seen her daughter, who started masquerading as a man after encouragement from TFU, in three years.

“In my heart of hearts, I feel like Jeff and Shaleia caused all of this,” she said.

Contagion and Coercion

By the end of the three-episode documentary, watchers are more than convinced that the TFU members who accepted the Ayans’ list declaring homosexual relationships, sperm swaps, and social and physical transitions as legitimate were coerced into doing so.

The documentary is a devastating blow to alphabet activists who insist that anyone who explores chemical castration and medically-sanctioned mangling was “born into the wrong body” and is simply following through on the “natural” desire to become their true selves by any means necessary.

Suggesting that adults can be coerced into gay relationships and tricked into “transitioning,” as “Escaping Twin Flames” does, confirms what science already determined: Peer pressure plays a large role in the popularity of gender dysphoria.

Netflix’s producers clearly recognized this representation as a threat because they tried to couch the third episode, which focused on the Ayans’ “divine masculine” and “divine feminine” pairings, with commentary from a woman masquerading as a man. Cassius Adair, an assistant professor of Media Studies at The New School in New York City, popped up several times to emphasize the difference between so-called serious transitioners and TFU members who transed themselves under the influence of others.

“What I think is very troubling with the Twin Flames Universe story is that people might hear about this group and say ‘Oh, this is proof that transness is some kind of cult, that transness is something that is coerced and nothing could be further from the truth,” Adair said.

Adair is right to be worried. At its core, “transness” is something that is coerced and cult-like.

Institutions from hospitals to the White House to schools to Big Tech to the music industry to corporations to corporate media to online dictionaries insist on the idea that “gender” can be manipulated based on a whim.

Everyone who endorses inaccurately named “sex changes” as a necessity and uses linguistically incorrect pronouns to be more “inclusive” was lied to. Yet, anyone who refuses to accept that narrative is at risk of being ostracized, smeared, and even fired by those same institutions.

The documentary’s conclusion also tries to preemptively shut down criticism of the mutilation movement by touting the National Center for Transgender Equality’s claims that “less than 1 percent regret their transition.”

As Federalist Senior Contributor Nathanael Blake pointed out in his exposé of the junk studies propping up radical gender ideology, the Dutch data responsible for that talking point “only identified regrets following gonadectomy, and not those who regretted other surgeries, or who never had surgery but did regret taking cross-sex hormones or puberty blockers.”

Contrary to Netflix producers’ insistence, many people who were “affirmed” in their invented identities and permanently disfigured their bodies to match experience harrowing and life-threatening regret.

Despite Netflix’s attempt to stifle the narrative, “Escaping Twin Flames” is a good illustration of the dangers posed by the rapid and unyielding endorsement of chemical castration, genital mutilation, and even social transition. Whether by cult or our decadent culture, anyone who believes a biologically illegitimate lifestyle is possible was sold a lie.

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