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‘Woke Homophobia Is Real’: Paypal, Gmail, Twitter Lock Out LGBT Nonprofit That Opposes Sexualizing Kids

‘We are obviously not a hate group.’


A gay coalition group against the sexualization and indoctrination of children by the modern left-wing LGBT movement has now become the target of tech giants including Google, PayPal, Venmo, and Twitter, which have shut off online services.

The group, “Gays Against Groomers,” was blacklisted by PayPal and Venmo, the latter of which is owned by PayPal, over apparent violations of the two companies’ Acceptable Use policies. Neither firm, however, specified which policies warranted the group’s banishment from their platforms.

Jaimee Michell, the founder of the group, told The Federalist she received notice that the accounts for her grassroots coalition were permanently suspended from the payment platforms around 2 a.m. Tuesday morning. Each notification came just minutes apart, she said.

“They just said we violated their user agreements, [but] they didn’t say how,” Michell said.

PayPal refused to offer any specifics in a statement to The Federalist.

“PayPal has a long-standing and consistent Acceptable Use Policy,” said a company representative. “We take action when we deem that individuals or organizations have violated this policy. Per company policy, PayPal does not disclose specific account information for current or former customers.”

In another statement to the radical left-wing LGBT paper Advocate, PayPal characterized Gays Against Groomers as a discriminatory “hate” group.

“PayPal’s policy is not to allow our services to be used for activities that promote hate, violence, or discriminatory intolerance,” a company spokesman said. “We base our reviews of accounts on these parameters, taking action when we deem that individuals or organizations have violated this policy.”

Michell disputed the defamatory portrayal of her organization, which was created to oppose the overt sexualization of children by the radical transgender movement. The group officially became a registered nonprofit hours before its exile from the financial services.

“We have trans people in our organization,” Michell, who is gay, told The Federalist. “Obviously, we are not a hate group.”

While Michell’s group can no longer use PayPal, the payment processor still allows on its platform a pro-pedophilia community called “MAP,” which stands for “minor-attracted people.”

On Tuesday, Google suspended the Gays Against Groomers Gmail account for about 24 hours before it was reinstated following an appeal.

Michell told The Federalist the Gays Against Groomers Twitter account has also been suspended four times in the three months since its creation. The first suspension came two weeks after the group’s launch in June.

While the Gays Against Groomers Gmail and Twitter accounts have been restored, for now, the group remains banned from PayPal and Venmo. The crowdfunding sites Linktree and Donately have also reportedly barred the organization from their services.

“Woke homophobia is real, because that’s what it is,” Michell told The Federalist of the concerted effort to de-platform her group.

“No other LGBT organization would ever be banned from their platforms if they fell in line with this agenda,” Michell elaborated Tuesday on Fox News’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

Gays Against Groomers has switched to using DonorBox to raise money.

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