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The Anti-White Racism Governing The Democrat Party Inevitably Spawns Violence

White Supremacy
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Democrats suffer from a case of tunnel vision that causes them to deduce all the world’s problems from one premise: ‘Whiteness’ is evil.


For the last seven months, many wondered why the Covenant School shooter’s manifesto remained hidden. On March 27, a trans shooter massacred six people at a Christian school in Nashville, Tennessee, including three 9-year-old children.

After several pages from the manifesto were leaked on Monday, those who suggested that politics were at play are feeling vindicated. The shooter ranted and raved about the “white privilege” of the students and referred to them as “crackers,” a racist term used to describe whites. It would be a miraculous coincidence if these details were unrelated to the Herculean effort to hide the manifesto from the public.

Although we only have a few pages, it doesn’t really matter what else the shooter wrote. Even if the shooter went on a racist rant against another demographic, she ultimately targeted white children for execution and did so based on their skin color.

War on ‘Whiteness’

This is yet another example of violence originating from the demonization of what the left calls “whiteness.” The Democratic Party suffers from a case of tunnel vision that causes them to deduce all the world’s problems from a single premise: “Whiteness” is evil. What was once an obscure social theory has proliferated into a belief system that has consumed all positions of authority on the left, including in politics, media, corporate America, and the academy. Everyone who voted for President Joe Biden doesn’t hate white people, obviously, but attacks on so-called “whiteness” are working well with a growing percentage of the left’s voters.

Hatred of “whiteness” has helped Democrats form unlikely alliances among their constituents. Consider the recent anti-Israel protests that were well attended by trans and abortion activists. By supporting abortion, transgenderism, and Palestine, they are embracing diametrically opposed worldviews. The left’s cultural agenda is deeply unpopular in the Muslim world.

Trans activists aren’t going to cozy up with militant Muslims because of shared views on the capital gains tax rate, and the left knows this. Uniting what should be warring political sects requires a powerful narrative. The left found the common enemy it needed in “whiteness.” Israel is considered whiter than Palestine, and Israelis are “colonizers.” Therefore, Israel is bad, and Palestine is good. It’s that simple for these people.

Some will suggest that anti-capitalist attitudes, radical gender ideology, abortion, or perhaps climate change are the issues that unite the left today. But that’s true only on the surface. Those issues are now inextricably linked to the supposed oppression of nonwhites at the behest of whites. To illustrate, let’s consider a handful of issues that galvanize the left.

Abortion and White Supremacy

According to the ACLU, pro-life attitudes are “rooted in white supremacy.” Media outlets allege that pro-life policies are racist because of the high rate of abortion among black women. They claim, therefore, that white men wish to exert control over black women through abortion restrictions. It never occurred to the legacy press that perhaps actual racists might instead prefer to limit the size of the black population through abortion.

Climate Racism

This issue is now discussed almost exclusively in terms of “climate justice,” “climate reparations” and “climate racism.” Not much else needs to be said here other than giving due consideration to the breakneck speed with which the left racialized this issue.

Capitalism and White Oppressors

Overthrowing meritocratic systems of “whiteness,” especially capitalism, is the linchpin of critical race theory and other offshoots of Marxism. Having failed to topple capitalism through class warfare, the left has intertwined its anti-capitalist attitude with its hatred of whites. Racial groups are innately more tribal than income brackets. Socioeconomic status is often transient, but skin color is not. The temptation to engage in race-based resentment is more alluring than class-based resentment. By combining the two, the left stands to gain at the expense of our social fabric as race relations rapidly deteriorate.

In discussing the state of black Americans under capitalism, Vox expresses a widely held belief on the left. It claims that “no amount of money can insulate them from marginalization or the everyday exhaustion of navigating America as a Black person.” This claim amounts to an unfalsifiable theory more absurd than any conspiracy ever embraced by anyone on the right.

Even black billionaires are “victims” who are “marginalized” through the vast conspiracy perpetrated by their “white oppressors.” The left ultimately uses these arguments as justification for ditching merit-based market economies in exchange for race-based transfers of wealth and other centrally planned economic hierarchies. In the new economic system, fashionable in-groups are rewarded through punitive taxes levied on unfashionable out-groups.

Replacing Whites Through Immigration

The intent behind the left’s policies on illegal and legal immigration is to dilute the power of undesirable voters who are most likely to elect Republicans, especially white men and married white women. This is so obvious it’s stunning that anyone could question it. For decades, the left has openly bragged about using demographic change as an electoral strategy. For some strange reason, however, the Southern Poverty Law Center thinks you’re racist if you’ve noticed their explicitly stated goal.

White Racism in Health Care

Virtually all differences in health outcomes are now blamed on white racism. The CDC echoes this sentiment on its website with long-winded and incoherent diatribes about “racism and health.” Cringeworthy banalities such as “health equity” represent the left’s latest rehashing of tired buzz phrases as they blame everyone’s health issues on white Americans and “structural racism.” The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services is on board with this initiative, as you might imagine.

Gender Ideology and Oppressive Whites

Do a search for any variation of “transphobia and white supremacy.” You’ll lose a few IQ points by reading the articles, but the results speak for themselves. The male-female binary is being attributed not to one of the most basic facts of human biology but to “oppressive structures created by whites.”

Genocidal Nature of Anti-White Racism

These sophomoric theories masquerading as insights might be amusing if only the attitudes weren’t incredibly dangerous. The left now uses “white supremacy,” a term once used to describe the ideology of small neo-Nazi groups, to describe what it sees as a vast network of oppressive systems in which all white people are complicit.

Laying the world’s problems at the feet of one group of people is how genocidal urges originate. For anyone suggesting that this is hyperbole, consider that climate change is described as an existential threat to the very existence of human beings. We are told that our physical and mental health are subject to the racist structures built by whites. In other words, according to the left, your survival, and the very survival of humanity itself, is largely dependent on “correcting whiteness.” There could be no characterization of a race more damning than this.

Historically Unparalleled Racism

The scope of this anti-white sentiment surpasses that of previous theories that gave rise to wholesale discrimination and violence throughout history. After all, has any race of people ever been blamed for making Earth uninhabitable? Has any race of people ever been blamed for everything from heat waves to heart attacks?

There’s another strange characteristic that sets this movement apart. Whites are participating in their own indictment in proportions previously unseen. In fact, whites themselves are largely responsible for creating these attitudes — both because self-loathing personalities are prevalent on the left and because white Democrats believe this strategy will secure the nonwhite vote in perpetuity. Suffice it to say that they haven’t given much thought to the long-term consequences.

Escalating Toward Violence

The left claims all of this is a “racist conspiracy theory.” They’ll continue to blame white Americans for every problem under the sun, then cry foul when you notice. If this environment is not a catalyst for future violence, then please tell me what is. There are no problems left to blame on whites — the left cannot escalate the accusations. Future escalations can come only by way of penalties for these imaginary misdeeds, and we know how that story goes.

Rank-and-file voters of the Democratic Party will determine whether this anti-white sentiment continues to thrive. If they continue to reward politicians for this repulsive and incendiary behavior, widespread violence is inevitable. It’s just a matter of time.

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