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If Brutal Hockey Killing Was A ‘Freak Accident,’ Daniel Penny Would Like A Word

There’s a slight difference between how Western media covered a white man restraining a black man in self-defense and a black athlete brutally taking down his opponent with a literal blade.


Corporate media immediately erupted after a man died in what appeared to be a freak accident. Specifically, a man of one particular skin color died of a neck injury inflicted by a man with a different skin color — details that typically matter a great deal to our journalist class.

According to them, however, the death was “no accident.” Rather, it was “vigilante violence,” “brutality,” and an example of deep-seated racism. “Given the races of the men, it’s easy to see how this development could be lumped together with other examples of racial injustice,” wrote LZ Granderson in a Los Angeles Times column about how charging the offender “is just a start.”

In case there’s any confusion, the neck injury in question happened back in May on a New York City subway car when a homeless black man named Jordan Neely acted in a threatening manner toward fellow passengers. Recognizing his civic duty to protect himself and other innocents, another passenger, a 24-year-old white ex-Marine named Daniel Penny, restrained Neely with a chokehold to the gratitude of his fellow riders.

Neely was later pronounced dead, and after angry protests and a full-court press from our activist media, the former servicemember was charged with second-degree manslaughter and negligent homicide. If convicted, he could face up to 15 years in prison. Despite there being no reason to assume a racial motivation on Penny’s part, the media campaign for “racial justice” was a success.

Fast-forward to this week, where headlines tell of another man, another neck injury, another death — this time on a hockey rink.

On Saturday, during a U.K. league game between the Nottingham Panthers and the Sheffield Steelers, 29-year-old white American hockey player Adam Johnson suffered a gruesome slice to the neck by his opponent’s skate.

The grisly video isn’t for the faint of heart. In it, you can see Steelers player Matt Petgrave skate toward Johnson and, with his leg in the air, slash his rival in the throat. Johnson immediately collapses before a referee and teammate usher him off the rink, a deluge of blood streaming from his neck down the front of his jersey and leaving a thick crimson trail on the ice. The team announced on Sunday that he was dead.

Petgrave, a 31-year-old black Canadian, has quite the track record of malfeasance in the Elite Ice Hockey League, reportedly racking up the most penalty minutes in 2022 and getting kicked out of games. Here’s a report from The Star in the U.K. last year:

He has been booted out of two out of the last four games, for abuse of officials (against Coventry Blaze) and alleged spearing (Manchester Storm,) and is Sheffield’s top penalty-minute taker (71 in 11 games.)

Across the EIHL regular league, as a whole, nobody comes close to his penalty minutes tally.

Last year he had a career-high of 145 PIMS in 34 games with HK Spisska Nova Ves in Slovakia.

This time, however, corrupt Western media all insist it was a “freak accident,” blaming Johnson’s death on “getting cut in the neck by a skate.” (It’s reminiscent of how the media covered the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre two years ago, blaming “a red SUV” instead of the violent repeat offender driving the vehicle through a holiday parade route.) In fact, many of the reports didn’t even include Petgrave’s name.

Those that did identify Petgrave were quick to note that he is “absolutely distraught.” The Telegraph lamented in one headline that “Ice hockey player Matt Petgrave receives hate mail following death of Adam Johnson.” YorkshireLive joined in, cheering how “Ice hockey rallies round Sheffield Steelers player after tragic fatal clash with Adam Johnson.”

If you look very closely, you can see a difference between how Western media covered a white man dutifully restraining a black man in self-defense and a black athlete with a history of vicious behavior brutally taking down his opponent with a literal blade. One’s just a “freak accident.” The other epitomizes brutality and racism.

As of Monday, police are investigating Johnson’s death. While the prevailing narrative is that it was all just an unfortunate accident, some aren’t buying it. As one popular anonymous X user, Aesthetica, wrote in a viral post, “I’ve played hockey my whole life, I’ve NEVER seen anything even remotely close to this sick and gruesome. … [T]here is no possible way this was an accident. Your body doesn’t move like this on the ice…”

I’ll leave Petgraves’ motives and intent up to a jury of his peers, assuming charges are ever brought. But if the press gets its way, they won’t be, and the court of public opinion will exonerate.

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