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Poll: Less Than 1/4 Of Ohioans Support The Unlimited Abortion Outlined In Issue 1


Mere weeks before Ohio voters weigh in on a ballot proposal that could ensconce abortion activists’ radical demands for unlimited abortion in the state’s constitution, a new poll found that less than one-fourth of Ohio voters support abortion through all nine months of pregnancy.

Issue 1 is a deliberately vague ballot proposal that decrees “every individual has a right” to “reproductive decisions” regardless of age or trimester.

Advocates of the constitutional amendment, their petitioner pawns, and even the pollsters claim that the state’s Republican trifecta could still “prohibit abortion after fetal viability” if the proposal passes. The ballot measure’s generous language, however, nullifies any such limit so long as a doctor deems abortion necessary for a woman’s health, a standard that is left open to interpretation.

Baldwin Wallace University (BWU) Community Research Institute, which conducted a “pulse poll” of 850 registered Ohio voters in early October, claimed in its article highlighting the findings that “Ohio Voters Favor Passage Of Issue 1.”

At first glance, the BWU poll seems to suggest that there is widespread support for the extreme amendment. Around 58 percent of those surveyed said they support the ballot initiative.

On the other hand, approximately 33.5 percent of respondents said they plan to reject the proposal that would enact outside activist groups’ radical abortion and anti-parent agenda in the state. Another 8 percent were undecided.

Further down in the survey’s findings, however, researchers admit that only 24 percent of Ohio voters say abortion should be “Always Legally Permitted,” as Issue 1 seeks to do.

Not only is that number drastically different from the support BWU and local media highlighted, but it’s down three whole points from the 27 percent measured by the pollster in 2022.


If Ohio voters overwhelmingly reject unlimited abortion, why do they plan to vote for it in Issue 1? The answer is deception.

Pollsters often rely on twisted language to advance Democrats’ abortion extremism. In this case, the Issue 1 language is already so marred with deception and confusion that BWU didn’t have to play semantic games.

When unfair framing is stripped from poll questions, voters’ opinions about abortion drastically shift from supporting extreme measures toward embracing the limits adopted by Republican states and European countries.

In the face of pollsters, Ohio voters may say they “favored a state constitutional amendment to allow access to abortion.” Their true feelings about legal limits, however, reflect their disdain for any proposal, including Issue 1, that touts unfettered abortion through every stage of an unborn baby’s development.

The same phenomenon is present on the national level. Despite Democrats’ incessant attempts to normalize taxpayer-funded abortions up until birth, only 22 percent of American adults support ending life in the womb in the third trimester.


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