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TikTok Deleted My Video Exposing Climate Cultists’ Dystopian Plan To Restrict Freedom Of Movement  

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The censorship is one more indication that the climate cult is aiming for power, not clean air and water.


Two weeks ago, I posted a video to TikTok reporting on the globalist push to restrict freedom of movement in the name of “climate change.” This week, TikTok removed my video for supposedly spreading “misinformation” and potentially causing “significant harm to individuals or society.”

Notably, TikTok is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, a company that, according to Forbes, has significant oversight of the platform. Like many other tech companies, TikTok is also staffed by an unsettling number of former American intelligence officials, making the company susceptible to pressures from the Censorship Complex.

Below, you can watch the offending TikTok-censored video, which was also posted on Instagram.

I reached out to TikTok to ask what in my video was false and what in my video had the potential to cause “significant harm,” such as “physical, psychological, or societal harm, and property damage.” TikTok did not respond.

This is probably because there isn’t anything false in my original video. In the first half of my TikTok, I reported on indisputable truths, like the fact that France has banned short-haul domestic flights and that nearly 100 cities across the globe have a stated “target” of limiting air travel to one short-haul return flight every three years per person by 2030. 

All the information I shared in the now-deleted TikTok is backed up by an article I wrote before posting the video titled “Anti-Air Travel Climate Psychos Want To Abolish Freedom Of Movement.”

More likely than not, it was the second half of the video that enraged the TikTok speech police, particularly this line:

“Globalist jet-setters pretending to be environmentalists are producing fake doomsday climate predictions and spreading fear as a ploy to consolidate power.”

How do I know these globalist “environmentalists” are scam artists using climate hysteria to consolidate power? To start, each of their goals, from eliminating jet fuel to doing away with privately owned vehicles, slowly prices the masses out of various modes of transportation, therefore restricting freedom of movement.

These same climate activists are heavily pushing for 15-minute smart cities, an urban planning concept that will supposedly protect the environment because everything you need will be within a 15-minute walk. If everything you need is within a 15-minute walk, there will be no need for external travel, the thinking goes. 

But if regular people are priced out of air and vehicle transportation, the 15-minute cities won’t be a convenient neighborhood — they’ll effectively be prisons. It’s not a coincidence that 15-minute city development plans include sophisticated surveillance technology. In the meantime, former officials of intelligence groups like the CIA, FBI, and Mossad are promoting surveillance systems that are already being installed across the world.

Arguably, the best evidence that climate fanatics are using fear to “consolidate power” is revealed by the climate cultists themselves. French media and environmentalists admit that the country’s ban on short-haul flights will have close to no impact on the country’s greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, all the climate activists that head organizations like the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, the United Nations, and the World Economic Forum galavant across the globe on private jets in spite of the “climate crisis.” These same individuals also reject real climate solutions, such as environmentally friendly nuclear energy, which is safe and more reliable than other green energy alternatives.

There’s nothing these wealthy climate doomsdayers hate more than someone critiquing their asinine proposals, and it’s possible that the censorship I experienced came directly from the globalist climate czars themselves.

The United Nations openly admits to partnering with Big Tech companies, particularly TikTok and Google, to manipulate search results and censor or promote content related to topics like Covid-19 or “climate information.” According to the UN’s Under-Secretary-General for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, “We [the UN] own the science, and we think that the world should know it.”

“We own the science” is like saying, “We own the truth.” But no person or group of people can “own” the truth. What Fleming means is that the UN owns the narrative surrounding climate change. My video, no matter how factual, deviated from their narrative, and it was erased from TikTok. 

The censorship is yet another indication that the climate cult is aiming for power, not clean air and water. As George Orwell once wrote: “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.” 

The desire to attain control over capital and people is innately human, and the use of fear is the oldest trick in the book. This is why the greatest threat to wealthy jet-setters pretending to be environmentalists is mass awareness of their true aims. 

If people are aware of the climate mafia’s ulterior motives, then they know not to relinquish their freedoms just because a group of billionaires in Davos declare a “climate emergency.”

Indeed, the control of information is the climate cult’s first line of defense. To maintain the illusion of scientific consensus, they discredit and blacklist scientists, including Nobel Prize-winning physicists, who question their apocalyptic predictions. They even take the time to help censor small-time TikTok users like myself.

The pressure to stay silent on the climate change scam is enormous, but the stakes could never be higher. The freedom to seamlessly travel when and where you want is basic and essential. Without it, people are easily traced and controlled. 

If we fail to oppose the climate activists’ fear campaign and expose their true intentions, we may find ourselves living under their thumbs. The greatest “harm to society” is not my two-minute-long TikTok; the greatest harm to society would be if the public is tricked into giving up their most basic freedoms because those who knew better failed to discredit and oppose the climate cult now.

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